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If you have a problem with your Vodafone support service, we’ve put together a helpful guide for you to get the issue resolved!

How to Call Vodafone Customer Care, Once Your Number Has been Activated

Have you lost your number and need to get a new one? Vodafone Customer Care can help you out. Just contact them, fill out a request for a new number, then wait for the process to be completed. Choose the phone which has a green and white symbol on the screen.

Press 1 (if this is your first contact via a remote number).

Ensure that you mention the name of your mobile network provider so you can find the right Vodafone customer service center.

Contact service number

 Clusters Circles Inquiries and Requests Complaints
Short Code Long Code Short Code Long Code
RAD Delhi 199 9891012345 198 8744000198
RAD Rajasthan 199 9887012345 198 9887010198
PUH Punjab 199 9814012345 198 9781500198
PUH Haryana 199 9812012345 198 8684000198
PUH Himachal Pradesh 199 9882012345 198 9882900198
PUH Jammu & Kashmir 199 9086012345 198 9086046198
TUP UP (E) 199 9889012345 198 8576000198
TUP UP (W) 199 9837012345 198 8941000198
EST Kolkata 199 9088012345 198 9088100198
EST Rest of Bengal 199 9093012345 198 9093100198
EST Assam 199 9085012345 198 9085000198
EST NESA 199 9089012345 198 9089000198
EST Orissa 199 9090012345 198 9090000198
EST Bihar 199 9708012345 198 9708000198
KAP Andhra Pradesh 199 9848012345 198 9848009198
KAP Karnataka 199 9844012345 198 9844000198
KTN Tamil Nadu 199 9092012345 198 9092000198
KTN Kerala 199 9847012345 198 9947000198
MPC Madhya Pradesh 199 9826012345 198 9826000198
MUM Mumbai 199 9702012345 198 9702000198
GUJ Gujarat 199 9824012345 198 9824000198
MAH Maharashtra & Goa 199 9822012345 198 9822000198

How to Contact Vodafone by Email

There are many different ways to contact Vodafone by email. However, occasionally certain issues can only be helped by reaching out via telephone or in-person. Vodafone has streamlined the process of contacting their team to address these requests because even without an account they still have relevant information that they can send.

How to Message/Send a Letter or ECard With Vodafone

To reply to an email received from Vodafone please follow our easy-to-read points below. When you are unable to contact customer care using the standard channels, you can use the letter of complaint option on the website. Writing a message through this channel has many advantages. For one, your complaint will be more effective if it includes reasoning and evidence. Plus, you can easily send vouchers and coins to these complaints through this digital channel- this is an easy way to receive something in return for your complaint.

How to Contact Vodafone Customer Care

The information given below will help you locate the right Vodafone team to reach.

  • Call Customer Care
  • Write in Writing
  • Get on Web Chat If you have an ongoing matter to discuss with Vodafone Customer Care, there are three key steps to starting this process. First, contact Customer Services by telephone at the appropriate number depending on your location in order to start the request. Second, provide confirmation over email that the first step has been made properly. Finally, you need to go through the automatic system and make another phone call if you can’t see this first step was followed successfully. The easy way to contact Vodafone Customer Care is by email. You can choose the phone option if you’d prefer, but keep in mind that chat, live chat, and phone numbers may vary across different countries.

vodafone customer care number

Helpful Tips for Seeking Customer Care

Many people are not sure what the customer care phone number for their respective service provider is, but when it’s time to contact them for assistance, there is no need to fumble through manuals or menus. The customer number for Vodafone can be found by either entering the company phone number into a phone book or search engine and checking off the customer care option. The internet no longer has the ability to provide complete answers for many problems you and your family may face when there is one another. In these situations, it can be incredibly beneficial to access customer care for trustworthy, expert advice Customers can contact customer care from the Vodafone website and from a phone by following these simple steps:

  1. Find a Vodafone store.
  2. Head to this store and ask an employee of the store for assistance or speak to your local call center.
  3. Log onto with your browser on any device or using your PC or Mac’s web browser (
  4. Enter your phone number in the place provided and follow any further instructions given by customer care Before contacting customer care, there are some things you should know about them. First, before phoning customer care about anything, check their website to see if the answer may be what you’re looking for. Then, call between the hours of 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM, and make sure that you have already considered all options on your own before speaking with a representative. Last but not least, upload any materials related to your query so that you don’t need to waste time reiterating what happened in your conversations with customer care.

How to Reach Vodafone Customer Service

There are a few ways to contact Vodafone Customer Care. If you want, you can call them, send email using the help form, submit a query on the assistance page via chat, or by filling out an online form. For those who are not satisfied with their Vodafone service, there is hope. If you have a landline telephone or a few minutes of free time, make your way to the Vodafone website and use the search bar. You can also contact customer care by email. To reach Vodafone customer service, one can visit their website and choose the difficulties service provider. A customer care representative will assist with the given task. If one’s phone number is insufficient or they don’t have access to the internet or they just want to speak to a representative, leave a message and someone will get back to them soon.

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