Top 5 Private Helicopter Prices in India

Private Helicopter Price List in India rupees

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Private helicopter are rare because they are only used for transportation and Rescue work. So you are waiting scars the top 5 private helicopters, Their company names, and also discuss their capacity and in the end discuss their prices. So read at last to know how much money you need to buy a helicopter.

5. Agusta 119

Capacitypilot + 6 passengers
Price3.5 million USD

The AGUSTA 119 is a single-engine helicopter, it has one turboshaft engine. The main focus of the helicopter is to lower the flying cost so every Middle-class passenger will travel through this helicopter. Also, it has a high range of flying capacity.

4. AS 350 B3

AS 350 B3
Capacity5-6 people 
Price$1.5 million USD

This is a versatile helicopter that is lightweight and has power to many areas covered by the helicopter. This is mainly used for rescue operations and other work like providing food and travel for VIP persons. It has a single Turbomeca Arriel 2B33 engine present.

3. Ecureuil AS355N

Ecureuil AS355N
Price of helicopter in india for personal use
CompanyAirbus Helicopters
Capacitypilot + 4-5 passengers
Price$1 million

This civil helicopter comes with 2 engines that give more power and thrust to travel. Also to engine is available for this helicopter so the speed is much higher and the area covered is increased for the helicopter. Two Turbomeca Arrius 1A turboshaft engines are present in it

2. Bell 412

Bell 412
CompanyBell Textron Inc
Capacity1 pilot + 14 passengers
Price$6.5 million 

Bell 412 is a versatile helicopter that comes in different models. The $6.5 million Is the starting price of a simple single-engine helicopter and the price range goes up to $8 million. in which a double engine and more advanced features will be added to the helicopter.

1. AW139

CompanyLeonardo Helicopters
Capacity15 passengers 
Price$12.6 million 

AW 139 Has different versions available the simple version price starts at $12.6 million. When we go to the high-end version the price will go to 16 million. The capacity the flying time and the area covered also increased in the high-rated version.

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