Tom Misner Net Worth, Age, Family & Biography

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Tom Misner’s position has been praised in the music industry for 40 years. He has helped the industry by acting as a producer and engineer. Tom Misner Net Worth is trending among the netizens.

In addition to instructing music, he also runs a business. Tom Misner is a skilled musician with a background in engineering, art, public speaking, and business ownership.

In this article, we will tell you about Tom Misner Net Worth, biography and career, age, personal life and much more

Tom Miser Personal Information

Tom Misner
NameTom Misner
Age66 years
Height5’6″ (in fetts)
Weight78 kgs
ProfessionMusician, Businessman
Networth$400 million

Tom Misner Net Worth

Tom Misner has a $400 million net worth. He owns land worth $60 million just in Australia. Tom’s wealth after selling SAE allowed him to pick up where he left off with his Studios 301.

The multi-millionaire businessman possesses enormous wealth and real estate holdings throughout the world. He has built numerous residences and establishments in his name and makes a sizable income each year.

Tom Misner Age

Misner, who was 66 years old in 2022, was born in 1955 in Zagreb, Yugoslavia. In 2022, he moved to Australia. He was fourteen years old and was with his mother, Inge, in 1969. His mother, a successful restaurateur, served as the inspiration for his growing empire. Messner left high school at the age of 15.

Biography and Career 

Tom began working at a nearby studio after completing college to advance his knowledge and abilities in music production.

Later, he made the decision to quit that position and joined a sizable German studio, where he composed the scores for well-known German films. He traveled to Europe to broaden his perspective and work on music production in the UK and other nations.

Tom oversaw the establishment of the largest digital film and music college in the world in 1976, bringing top-notch music and creative media education to Australia.

Tom Misner Net Worth

Beginning in the 1990s with locations in Singapore and Kuala Lumpur, SAE began to grow in Asia. With the help of Southern Cross and Middlesex universities, SAE launched SAE Entertainment and a comprehensive undergraduate program in the late 1990s.

SAE also opened centers in Los Angeles, Miami, Atlanta, and Chicago in 1998. Four new schools were established in India in 2000, the same year that SAE began approving independent schools there.

Websites were introduced in the 2000s in Liverpool, Brussels, Bangkok, Barcelona, Leipzig, Madrid, Dubai, Istanbul, Oman, Cape Town, and Serbia, among other cities. Degree programmes that have been accredited by Middlesex University are offered on the Dubai campus.

Tom Personal Life

Tom met Kathy Falls in 1972, they had two children. He and his wife Kathy owned and operated a contract cleaning company up until 1976. They also have a daughter named Yasmin and a son named Robert, better known by his stage name Bobby Misner, who was born in Australia on May 6, 1995.

The success of his film “Life of a Billionaire’s Son” on social media also brought Bobby Misner, his son, to notoriety. The young socialite lives a lavish lifestyle and is popular on YouTube. Additionally, Bobby has a track record of success and has modeled for many different companies.


In this article, we discussed Tom Misner Net Worth. Tom Misner’s net worth reflects his extraordinary accomplishments and contributions to the music industry.

Misner, who has an estimated net worth of several hundred million dollars, has built an impressive empire through his entrepreneurial endeavors. This includes founding and expanding the renowned SAE Institute’s global presence.

His unwavering commitment to providing high-quality education and encouraging creativity has not only changed the lives of countless aspiring musicians and audio engineers but has also cemented his position as a visionary leader.

How did Tom Misner make his money?

Since he is one of, if not the world’s largest individual purchaser of audio equipment, he constructs studios on property that he owns and equips them with equipment that he buys at discount prices.

What does Tom Misner do?

Tom Misner is a famous personality for being- musician, engineer, producer, educator, and businessman for more than 40 years.

What is Tom Miser Height?

Tom Miser is 5’6″ (in feets) tall.

What is Tom Miser Networth?

Tom Misner has a net worth of $400 million. In just Australia, he has land worth $60 million.

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