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pushpa film famous dialogue | pushpa pushpa raj dialogue telugu

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Pushpa dialogue is a concept that has gained immense popularity in recent years. It refers to a dialogue or conversation that takes place between two individuals who come from different cultural, social, or economic backgrounds. The dialogue aims to bridge the gap between these diverse groups and create a better understanding and appreciation for each other.

Pushpa movie Best dialogues in English & Hindi with image

pushpa flower dialogue
pushpa naam sunke flower samjhe kya dialogue
pushpa naam sunke flower samjhe kya? …..flower nahi fire hai mein.
పుష్ప నామ్ సుంకే పుష్పం సమజే క్యా? …..పువ్వు నహీ ఫైర్ హై మే.
pushpa jhukega nahi dialogue
pushpa jhukega nahi sala image dialogue
Duniya ne aapke haath mein pistol diya or mere haath mein kulhadi
దునియా నే ఆప్కే హాత్ మే పిస్టల్ దియా లేదా మేరే హాత్ మే కుల్హాదీ
pushpa movie famous dialogue
Tum ek time pe ek goli chalaoge …. main ek time pe sath kulhadi chalaunga …. kiske zyada tukde honge soch lo
తుమ్ ఏక్ టైమ్ పే ఏక్ గోలీ చలావోగే …. మెయిన్ ఏక్ టైమ్ పే సాత్ కుల్హాదీ చలౌంగా …. కిస్కే జ్యాదా తుక్డే హోంగే సోచ్ లో
pushpa main jhukega nahi
pushpa movie ke dialogue | pushpa telugu dialogues in english
Naon mein baith kar jaal fekna bahot asaan hai.… pani me utarega to, badi machhaliya kha jayengi.…
నాన్ మే బైత్ కర్ జాల్ ఫెక్నా బహోత్ అసన్ హై.… పానీ మే ఉతరేగా తో, బడి మచ్ఛలియా ఖా జాయేంగీ.…
pushpa jhukega nahi dialogue
pushpa movie quotes | pushpa fire dialogue in hindi
Maal milega toh Pushpa nahi milega, Pushpa mileage toh maal nahi milega.
మాల్ మిలేగా తో పుష్ప నహీ మిలేగా, పుష్ప మైలేజ్ తో మాల్ నహీ మిలేగా.

Why pushpa dialogue is important

Pushpa is a Telugu language action thriller film directed by Sukumar. The film has attracted a lot of attention not only for its impressive cast and storyline, but also for the dialogues, which have become popular among fans. The most notable line from the film is “Thageghe le” which translates into English as “I will not leave you”.

Pushpa dialogues turn out to be an important aspect of the film as it perfectly captures the essence of the character played by Allu Arjun, who portrays a tough and determined man on a mission. It symbolizes their unwavering resolve to fight against all odds and never give up till their goals are achieved.


Pushpa Samwad has played a significant role in promoting conflict resolution and peace building efforts in Nepal. Through its engagement with various stakeholders including political leaders, civil society actors and marginalized communities, Samvad has contributed to creating an enabling environment for constructive dialogue and interaction.

One of the key strengths of Pushpa Samvad is its focus on inclusion and diversity. By actively engaging with diverse voices and perspectives within Nepalese society, it has been able to promote a more nuanced understanding of the root causes of conflict and violence. Furthermore, by prioritizing local ownership and participation in its initiatives, it has helped build trust among various actors who may have previously been at odds.

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