BRICS currency: How to Invest in BRICS Currency?

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For the five leading economies in the world, Bricks is an acronym for nations like Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa. These nations are establishing their own BRICS currency to decrease the influence of the US in the global market by de-dollarization.

These powerful nations share an interest in the alliance for their new currency. These all are happening in current times, and some people may be asking what BRICS currency is and how investing in it makes a profit. Here, you will get what you need to know.

What is BRICS currency?

brics currency how to buy

After the following sanctions imposed on Russia after the invasion of Ukraine, Bricks nations started to let de-dollarization. Nations that are in BRICS are Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa. This alliance also sought alternatives to the United States currency for international settlements. That’s why this proposition to form its currency, which is BRICS.

In recent years, the US dollar has seen its relevancy fade because macroeconomic factors have run rampant. On the other point, with the yuan, which is the Chinese currency, gaining popularity, New currency’s establishing efforts are likely dependent on BRICS and their new potential member nations.

In 2023, Bricks Nations GDP surpassed the global GDP contribution of the G7 countries; Brics hold nearly 1/3 of the world economic activity, according to the group. BRICS nations together, leaders meet annually. The aim of this alliance is to reshape the political and economic landscape to benefit themselves. The discussion on reducing global reliance on the US dollar was done in recent years at the alliance summit. 

The group aims to create new economic and trade systems separate from the US or Western systems. Reducing reliance on the US dollar and promoting and using national currencies in international trade.

How to invest in Brics Currency?

BRICS are the emerging economies of India, Brazil, Russia, China, and South Africa. In recent years, investors worldwide due to their immense growth potential and economic influence.

We can invest in BRICKS with various financial instruments that can provide exposure to the economies of Brazil, India, Russia, China, and South Africa. In these countries, we have different investment opportunities. Before any investment decisions, investors should consider their investment objectives, risk tolerance, and market conditions.

You can see here where you can invest in BRICS: You can invest in ETFs of these BRICS economies. ETFs hold a bunch of stocks from companies based in BRICS countries. 

You can also invest in mutual funds, Emerging Markets Funds, Direct stock investments, Bonds and fixed Income Securities, ADRs and GDRs, Currency markets, Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs), Private Equity and venture capital, Infrastructure projects you can invest in currencies markets. 

Before investing, you should understand the movements of currencies and market dynamics.


I hope now you know that the BRICS currency is from the BRICS COUNTRIES alliance to reduce the reliance on and uses of the US dollar.

Investing in BRICS countries can come with higher risks compared to developed economies because of currency fluctuations, economic volatility, regulatory changes, and political instability.

Here, we got to learn what BRICS Currency is and how to invest in BRICS Currency. If you have any questions related to BRICS Currency, let me know in the comment section.

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