How can I see Lord Krishna in Real Life?

How to meet lord krishna in real life

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Meeting lord Krishna is not about finding him and meeting him like a friend. It is more about to feeling close to him in your deep heart. People get closer to him with the help of praying and kind and loving others. Some visit temples and celebrate festivals or meditate to feel his presence. It is about finding peace inside our heart and following his teachings in our lives. That is how you truly get to and meet lord Krishna.

How can I meet lord Krishna?

how to know everything about lord krishna

The main thing that you find is the satisfaction and that thing will get when you change your nature and love everyone. No one can be in the big or small position, everyone’s the same for you. Your love will be go outside like a flower fragrance

The way to meet Krishna is to change your nature to kind, loving others, and doing good things every day. It is like a connection with lord krishna in your heart. You can do it by being loving and kind to others like Krishna says every time. It is like having a special bond in your heart that grows when you do good things and spread happiness around you.

Praying and Feeling to meet lord Krishna

Praying is like a heart to heart connection with lord Krishna. When we pray, you will tell him what is in our hearts and your feelings, hopes, and thanks. It’s like chatting with a close friend who listens to everything.

In the case of prayer, you will stay calm and not think about outside then your heart will connect with lord Krishna and you get all your questions answered about what you can do in your life and what is the right thing to do at every point Krishna will decide.

Visiting Special Holy Places to meet lord Krishna

Meeting lord Krishna is more about connecting with him spiritually. People feel close to him through devotion, prayers, and living according to the teachings that he gives in ancient books. Some visit special places where Krishna’s childhood passes and some go to temple associated with him or celebrate festivals dedicated to his life. But the real meeting happens in your heart, by following his wisdom and showing love and kindness to others. 

It is about making his values a part of your life and feeling his presence in your actions, thoughts, and deeds. That is how you truly meet lord Krishna.

Doing What Krishna Teaches Us to meet lord Krishna

Doing what Krishna teaches us, being kind, loving, and doing good action to everyone. It is about seeing the same for everyone, telling the truth, and helping out. He showed us to respect older people, be humble, and face problems bravely. 

His lessons teach us that our actions will matter and affect others. Forgiving and understanding others is also important. When we live by these teachings, we make the world a better, happier place, just like Krishna wanted.

How can I call Shri Krishna for Help?

Shri Krishna Govinda Hare Murare, Hey Nath Narayan Vasudeva- This is the mantra to attain the grace and sweetness of Shri Krishna. The Krishna mantra given below shows immediate results – Om Kleem Krishnay Namah, but it should be chanted with proper procedure. For any problem you can use this mantra.


So we will all discuss about the holy things that how you can connect with lord Krishna your heart and your every problem in your life will solve by Krishna when you will implement all the teaching of lord Krishna so we discuss all the topics that how you can meet lord Krishna is the things are really helpful then you will write another post like this.

Is it possible to talk to Lord Krishna?

Yes, possible to talk to Lord Krishna.

Has anyone really seen Krishna?

Some people told in the media he meet to load Krishna.

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