The Strongest Hearts Have the Most Scars

who said the strongest hearts have the most scars

Everyone’s heard the saying Strongest hearts have the most scars at some point in their lives, but few people have ever paused to consider what it actually means, or how true it is. We all have scars of some kind, whether they’re physical scars or emotional ones; the question is what do they mean? How has having these scars made us who we are? What can we learn from our own experiences and those of others around us?

They Live With Emotional Pain

It’s so easy to look at people with physical scars and say they are strong. But that has nothing on those whose hearts have been broken or who have endured emotional pain. Sometimes, it is easier to focus on something else rather than deal with our problems head-on, but that doesn’t make us any less strong. People living with pain or sadness deserve just as much respect as anyone else and should not be looked down upon for their struggles. Because overcoming obstacles is what makes us stronger in every sense of the word. And maybe we won’t show physical scars, but it doesn’t mean we aren’t feeling any pain at all… which means if you’re struggling, there’s no need to feel alone — you’re strong too!

Their Love Comes with Conditions

When you care about someone, you want to help them. You want to see them succeed. And what better way to do that than encourage someone and lift them up when they’re down? But those well-meaning words might be destructive because it’s just too hard for some people to hear those things at a certain point in their lives.

They Need Other People to Get Through

The strongest hearts don’t just have the most scars, they need other people to get through. Having friends, family and loved ones to turn to when we’re struggling is one of our greatest defenses against getting overwhelmed by life. It doesn’t take a tragedy for us to feel as though we can’t make it on our own—even everyday stresses can be overwhelming if we don’t have someone who will help us work through them.

Self Love Can Hurt As Much As Physical Pain

Here’s How to Deal with It: When you love yourself, it’s natural to want to give yourself what you want. But if what you want is to always be happy, then you might not understand why that often seems like such a struggle. We all have limits that we can push only so far before we break and sometimes, loving ourselves too much can break us in ways that physical pain can’t even compare. This is especially true if what we really need is self-love.

There are Some Things No One Can Fix

That’s what you thought, right? Maybe it was a friend that told you to stop being such a downer or maybe it was your spouse that tried to coax you out of your morose mood. Well, news flash: there are some things no one can fix. Your problems are yours alone and nobody—not even someone who loves you—can alleviate them for you. If they could, they would have already done so by now.


The heart is a resilient organ that keeps beating in some of the worst conditions. While it’s amazing to think about how something so small can keep going through just about anything, it’s an even greater testament to consider what a survivor your heart is. So, be grateful for your heart and work hard to keep it strong.

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