Manya Surve

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Manohar Arjun Surve (8 August 1944 – 11 January 1982), better known as Manya Surve, was an Indian underworld don based in Bombay. He was one of those educated gangsters who had graduated from college and was very famous for challenging and defeating the existing gangs.

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Surve was known for his daring and strategic planning. As a youth and graduate of Kirti College, Surve was implicated in a murder he did not commit and sentenced to imprisonment in Yerwada Jail. Within just two years of activity, his entourage became so prominent that the Pathans, who had ruled the underworld for more than two decades, enlisted their help in killing the Konkani-speaking Kaskar brothers, Dawood and Shabbir, the leaders of their fanatical gang. Asked. D-company.

After killing Shabbir Ibrahim, Surve’s companions started falling one by one. Seeing this, Surve fell down. Meanwhile, local law enforcement was gearing up to reduce the continuing mob violence with an onslaught of targeted killings. Inspectors Isaac Bagwan and Raja Tambhat, along with senior inspector Y D Bhide, were in charge of removing Surve. Surve was killed by the Maharashtra Police in 1982 in what is considered to be Mumbai’s first encounter killing.

In popular culture

Manya Surve’s life inspired and provided the basis for the 1990 Bollywood blockbuster film, Agneepath. The film’s main character, Vijay Dinanath Chauhan (played by Amitabh Bachchan) was heavily based on Surve. The film won Amitabh Bachchan the National Award for Best Actor. The film was remade with the same name as Agneepath. in 2012.

Surve’s life is featured in the 2013 Bollywood film Shootout at Wadala, in which John Abraham played the role of Surve.

Mumbai underworld

After returning to Mumbai, Surve formed another organization and recruited two of his trusted lieutenants, Sheikh Munir from Dharavi and Vishnu Patil from Dombivali. He was soon joined by another gangster, Uday Shetty, in March 1980.

The group’s first robbery took place on 5 April 1980, in which they stole an ambassador car. The vehicle was later used to rob Rs 5,700 from Lakshmi Trading Company near Curry Road. On 15 April, Surve and his associates brutally attacked and nearly killed Sheikh Aziz, Sheikh Munir’s enemy, near the Kala Fort in the Dharavi slum. On 30 April, he stabbed a police constable while he was taking rival Vijay Ghadge to a police station in Dadar. [4]

Borrowing the plot from a novel by James Hadley Chase, which he had read in prison, Surve decides to launder money from the government milk scheme to gain recognition as well as money from the Mumbai underworld. The group along with Dayanand, Parashuram Katkar, and Kishore Sawant stole a car near Badal Bijli Barkha in Mahim and carried out a robbery of Rs 1.26 lakh near Govandi. The stolen vehicle was later found unclaimed near the National College in Bandra, as written in the novel Chase.

Another famous robbery by Surve’s group involved a Canara Bank branch on Sion-Trombay road and Rs 1.6 lakh from Duke and Sons company in Deonar. Surve’s criminal activities were not limited to dacoity and dacoity only. He was also involved in drug trafficking, as he saw that the profits from it were substantial.

Various successful robberies and robberies of the group attracted tremendous attention. As a result, a lot of pressure was put on the police to deal with Surve, and they launched Operation Manya Surve to catch and stop his criminal activities.

On 22 June 1981, Sheikh Munir was picked up from a chemical company near Kalyan. A few days later Dayanand and Parashuram Katkar were arrested from a lodge in Goregaon. Anticipating his capture, Surve broke into an associate’s hideout in Bhiwandi, but quickly escaped on 19 November 1981. When the police finally broke into the apartment, they recovered a hand grenade, a country-made revolver and live ammunition.

Surve was terminated after systematic police action, putting a halt to his criminal enterprise. After the arrest of his partner Uday, he was the only remaining member of the group who was not in jail.

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