What is the purpose of your life on earth?

what is the purpose of your life in this world

What is the purpose of your life on earth? If you’re an atheist, you probably believe that your life has no purpose at all — that it’s just something that happens while we wait to die, and then we’re gone forever. But if you’re a Christian, you know that your life actually does have meaning and purpose, because God put it there. You know that God created us for his own glory and his own pleasure, so he gives us direction and purpose as long as we honor him in our lives.

YOU are here to be happy

It sounds like a cliché, but it’s true! You were put here to be happy, and nothing else. You were not put here to be rich or famous or powerful. So, once you accept that happiness should be your ultimate goal, try a few small experiments: Say yes to an invitation you normally would have declined (and then tell me about it in detail so I can live vicariously). Wear a color that makes you uncomfortable. Take an exercise class outside of your normal routine.

YOU are here to help other people

The most important reason you are here on earth is to help other people. This does not mean that you have to be a doormat for everyone, but it does mean that your life should be focused around helping others. Your words, actions and thoughts should all reflect who you are – a person who wants to make other people’s lives better.

YOU are here to learn lessons and grow

When we talk about an individual’s soul path, we’re not referring to a pre-determined plan for his or her life. Instead, each soul has its own growth and lessons it needs to learn in order to evolve and move forward; these lessons are often called karma. But how do you know what yours are? We can help you figure that out by first finding out what soul type you belong to.

YOU are here for a special assignment, which only you can do

to touch others with love, to be a friend to those who are lonely and hurting, to put a smile on someone’s face, to inspire someone’s heart. There may be some days when you feel like all you do is run errands and do chores; but remember that even in these ordinary tasks you can change lives for good. When we lift our focus from what we want for ourselves and instead put it where it belongs—on others—our lives take shape in a beautiful way.


So what’s the meaning of life? The answer to that question varies, depending upon whom you ask. But for me, and based on all I’ve experienced in my short-time on earth, I believe that our role here is to create love, laughter and joy in every moment possible. Why? Because love is what makes us human. It gives meaning to our lives; it keeps us going when we don’t think we can.

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