Top 5 Most Followed Sports Teams on Instagram

Top 5 Most Popular Sports Teams in the world

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In today’s new article, we are going to talk about the top 5 sports teams on Instagram. Who has the most followers on Instagram, many people have this question. However, due to lack of complete information about it, most of the youth keep searching about it. If you also want to know the above-mentioned question, then read the information given below carefully step by step till the end, only then you will be able to get complete information.

Top 5 most followed sports teams on Instagram

For your information, let us tell you that Instagram is one of the most famous platforms of social media. Nowadays, most of the people spend their time on Instagram only. Along with this, we also created our account on Instagram.

Thus, many teams also have their own Instagram account on social media. Today we will give you information about five teams that have the highest number of followers on Instagram. You all must know the IPL team RCB. RCB has registered its name among the five top-followed teams on Instagram. Let us know about those five top Instagram follower teams below.

1.  Real Madrid – 148 million followers

People who like to watch football must know about Real Madrid. Because this team is one of the most popular football clubs in the world. The Real Madrid Instagram account has a total of 148 million followers. Great players like Manuel Olivares, Ricardo Zamora, and Luis Figo are among the most popular players of this club. Cristiano Ronaldo will forever remain a part of the legacy of the Real Madrid club.

2. FC Barcelona – 124 million followers

FC Barcelona is the only football club in the world which has a total of 124 million followers on its Instagram account. Talking about fan interaction, it is 1788 million. Ronaldinho, Lionel Messi, and Xavi are some of the greatest and best players who are part of this club. This club mostly updates its fans about the new events happening around all their favourite players as well as new matches. For information, let us tell you that every day Insane Growth Club is seeing attractive posts. Which can help this club to get more interactions as well as followers and increase its top ranking position.

3. Paris Saint-Germain FC (PSG) – 70 million

Paris Saint-Germain’s Instagram account has a total of approximately 70 million followers. In this club you will see the best and greatest players like Neymar and Lionel Messi. These types of players attract most of the people and draw a good crowd towards them. In this club, posts of some of the best football superstars like Mbappe, Neymar, and Masi are shared.

4. Manchester United – 64 million

People mostly know this club as United Club and this club has a total of 64 million followers on its Instagram account. If we talk about 1 year ago, the number of fans of this club was around 1418 million. The club shares information related to new developments of all its players on its Instagram page. Currently, the club has some of the greatest players in the league such as Nathan Bishop, David De Gea and Victor Lindelof. Cristiano Ronaldo has been a former player of this club. This club has become a topic of much discussion due to the transfer of Cristiano Ronaldo.

5. Royal Challengers Bangalore (RCB) – 11 million

People who like to watch cricket. All of them would already have information about the RCB team. RCB is a team that plays during IPL. The full form of RCB is Royal Challengers Bangalore. Now this team has joined the five most followed teams on Instagram social media. In the beginning, this team included the best players like AB de Villiers and Chris Gayle. At present, Virat Kohli is a considered player of RCB.


We hope that you have completely understood the information given above about the five most followed sports teams on Instagram. Many of you want to get detailed information about it. Because all of them do not know much about the Top 5 most followed sports teams on Instagram. Therefore, after receiving complete information, you must send this information to your close friends and well-wishers.

Which IPL team has the most followers on Instagram?

Royal Challengers Bangalore is the most followed account in Ipl World.

Which sports team has the most followers in the world?

Real Madrid has more than 148 million followers on Instagram.

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