How to get pigstep in minecraft | minecraft music disc pigstep

what are the chances of getting pigstep | minecraft pigstep disc

There are hundreds of different items in Minecraft, with each update adding more new content. While many items are easy to obtain, such as apples, rotten meat and iron ingots, some can be very rare, such as music discs.

Music discs are one of the oldest items in Minecraft. They have been available in the game since the Java version Alpha. At first, there were only two music discs in Minecraft called “13” and “Cat”. In the official release of Minecraft 1.0, the developers added more music discs.

Prior to this, all music discs were created by Daniel “C418” Rosenfeld. But, in the 1.16 update, Lena Raine added her first music disc, Pigstep, to Minecraft. Unlike the C418’s creations, the Pigstep packs a funky hip-hop-style beat.

How to get Pigstep music disc in Minecraft?

How to get pigstep in minecraft

The PigStep music disc added in the Minecraft Nether Update is different from other discs already available in the game. Unlike most other music discs, pigstep cannot be obtained by killing a creeper using a skeleton. Therefore automatic music discs do not produce pigstep.

The only way to get Pigstep music discs is by looting inside the remains of the Citadel. A typical stronghold has about a 5% chance of being generated with a pigstep music disc inside the chest. Due to such low rates, players may have to go on a bastion hunting spree to find Pigstep music discs.

How to get pigstep music disc in Minecraft survival

The Bastian remains are a bottom-only structure filled with hoglins, piglins and piglin brutes. While piglins can be easily distracted by a few golden ingots, piglin animals are not as greedy. Players must quickly leave the stronghold by looting. If not, they will find themselves surrounded by hordes of piglin beasts.

Pigglin animals look similar to regular piglins but have more HP, attack points, and intimidating black clothing. A piglin animal has 25 hearts of health and can damage 21 hearts. Without a doubt, they are a formidable foe in a lava pooled citadel. Players should shoot and kill them from a safe distance whenever possible.

After defeating enemies or speeding through relics, players have the chance to find rare Pigstep music discs. This funky music is definitely worth adding to a music collection. Players can find some piglin dancing after hitting the hoglins, which is the perfect time to play this hip-hop disc.

What is the rarest music disc in Minecraft?

The Pigstep music disc is the only one that can’t be discarded and is the rarest music disc, with only a 5.6% spawning chance in Bastion’s Remnant Chest in the Java version and 3% in Bedrock. The cat and 13 music discs have the chance of spawning in dungeons or woodland mansion chests in both versions of Minecraft.

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