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facebook id and password for free fire

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If you are looking for Free Fire Facebook ID and Password, then you have come to the right place. Within this article, you will find a compilation of Free Fire IDs and passwords that provide you with unlimited diamonds along with various items like gun skins, costumes, car skins, pets, and more. Sharing this ff id password and number can help your friends as well.

While many items in Free Fire require payment and cannot be obtained for free, diamonds turn out to be important in our accounts. Thus, we are providing you with a Free Fire username and password. Most of them are currently functional, but please verify their validity before use. In addition, these IDs are only available for a limited time, so you can use them to gift items from the Free Fire shop to your main FF account.

Pro player in free fire Facebook id and password

Free Fire Diamonds serve as a premium currency within the game, much like UC in BGMI. They offer the ability to obtain costumes, weapons, and vehicle skins in Free Fire, Free Fire Max, and other related editions. It is important to note that diamonds cannot be obtained only through gameplay in Free Fire or Free Fire Max. Nevertheless, there are some authentic ways available to get free diamonds in Free Fire. To find ways to get Free Fire Diamonds at no cost, please find the methods mentioned below.

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Free Fire Facebook AccountFree Fire Facebook ID Password
[email protected]FF#999DIAMONDS
[email protected]Thecrow007
[email protected]AnkitFF@#767
[email protected]golutheking
[email protected]BluegamingFF
[email protected]UnlimitedFFdiamonds
[email protected]Totalgaming009
[email protected]FFHIP-HOP
[email protected]Ankitchauhan@665
[email protected]BlackHipHopBundle
[email protected]Bhavikagaming23K
[email protected]RuhiRai4K
[email protected]Babuan007
[email protected]Killergaming
[email protected]Sakalgaming
[email protected]Narvikgaming
[email protected]FireGaming003
[email protected]FFUnlimitedDiamonds
[email protected]freefiredjalok
[email protected]amalff123
[email protected]TheLoveLife143
[email protected]TheFireBaby
free fire facebook password and phone number

Free Fire Facebook id and password free

Free Fire IDPassword
ID – 3726893777 ( Level 55)Password – RkShishirFF
ID – 1682818277 ( Level 60)Password – NLShakti007
ID – 2730228981 ( Level 63)Password – Dbossff77
ID – 2162523471 ( Level 63)Password – Sanjaygamer
ID – 1075096921 ( Level 61)Password – KALegendFF55
ID – 3051250411 ( Level 59)Password – DarlingFF50K
ID – 3540441461 ( Level 63)Password – IamRitik737
ID – 1996966693 ( Level 62)Password – MrChetuFF
ID – 2114060901 ( Level 61)Password – AryanSingh@#712
ID – 3054890477 ( Level 67)Password – NihalGaming43K
ID – 237463582 ( Level 53)Password – ANGELWORLD445
ID – 1958447369 ( Level 43)Password – Bulla@#993
ID – 4152361522 ( Level 57)Password – GabbarGaming
ID – 1077389943 (Level 37)Password – BooyahPassS1
ID – 2007077704 (Level 59)Password – Nainagaming
ID – 2186107032 (Level 65)Password – BinodKumarFF
ID – 1629434521 (Level 69)Password – PujaFF
ID – 1033373445 (Level 54)Password – BullaFF69
ID – 2145584557 (Level 47)Password – Vormirgaming
ID – 526372633 (Level 52)Password – GraiFF
ID – 3256695669 (Level 47)Password – GhaniiFF
ID – 3118188815 (Level 53)Password – kaiz3rff
ID – 5253371533 (Level 55)Password – IrumGaming
ID – 1075096921 (Level 62)Password – KA Legend
ID – 1661626833 (Level 66)Password – FF Mafia
ID – 1701804260 (Level 56)Password – Dusk Till Dawn
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Account email free fire Facebook id and password

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Free fire IdFree fire ID PasswordContain Rewards
[email protected]Gamesclub342Season 1 Elite pass
[email protected]7238@proplayerSakura bundle
[email protected]Note9pro#7947Hip-hop bundle
[email protected]Account3#fvsM249 Gun skins
[email protected]Gamer@897Lol Emote
[email protected]MP40#8084FSeason 6 Elite pass
[email protected]Guru895@Gy3u999 Diamonds
[email protected]Noobs@9093DSeason 8 Elite pass
[email protected]FFaccount3409HGFree fire membership
[email protected]FFaccount2023K1000 Diamonds
[email protected]G898@43SLSeason 10 Elite pass
[email protected]Garena#h48KRare Gloo Wall Skins
[email protected]Classic#685@300 Diamonds
[email protected]Pro#Player@ID567Clap Emote
[email protected]FFaccounts42348#700 Diamonds
[email protected]FFpro#87963fdHSeason 2 Elite pass
[email protected]FFindia@787K980 Diamonds
[email protected]Hiphop908#fG5Season 23 Elite pass
[email protected]SFF#Account787@Luck royal bundle
[email protected]908@GHy65GameSeason 40 Elite pass
Freefireproaccount9908#787hVGgroupJoker bundle
[email protected]Vbadge@787V Badge
free fire id facebook password and phone number


The purpose of this blog post is to guide you on a free-fire Facebook account and password, allowing you to get specific items. By following the step-by-step instructions provided, get free free fire account.

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