Countries that start with “Q”

Place that starts with q | Q starting country name

Qatar is a country with a developed economy and a proper luxury life. The people of Qatar are mainly focused on their business and they give much priority to their education. So the current time they are in between the developing nations. How the Qatar journey will begin is the name Qatar and the main thing we will discuss is the situation of Qatar. So let’s see the journey of Qatar.

Countries that start with Q

Country name start with “Q”Qatar

At The current time, only one country is present in the world whose name will start from q and the country is none other than Qatar. It is a very small country and the population is not so high but they are taking Qatar from one level to another level by their thinking. 

They will sell oil to different countries and they have a small population so they bring another country worker to their country and make a luxury system for human beings. They made different types of villas, apartments, and building systems so Qatar is currently a very tourist attractive spot for luxury.

What Does Qatar Mean?

place name starts with q

Qatar the country people believe that they are born from the Arabic world. So they will take this name as per their country because it means to lie down or you take as the rest. There is no proof of the name Qatar takes. 

Some others say that the name is Qatar. After all, it means safety and security because the people of Qatar want to stay in a safe and peaceful environment without any disturbance. Like every country, ancient culture in Qatar is present. In some different ancient scripts, the proper meaning of the Qatar name is not defined.

Where is Qatar?

Qatar is present on the northeast coast of the Arabian Peninsula. The Arabian peninsula is present in Western Asia. Its north side borders the Persian Gulf is present, Saudi Arabia in the south side border, and the United Arab Emirates to the southeast.

The capital of Qatar is Doha, which is present on the country’s eastern coast with the Persian Gulf. Qatar is known for its oil and money power. This time they prepare their country for tourism because they know the feature industry so they focus on the tourism industry.


So we think that you will get proper knowledge about Qatar and that Qatar will build itself as a money giant. How will they become rich by selling the oil? Also, what are their Future Plans for making their economy stronger? It also gives you the proper information about their situation as their Geographic location is great for tourism. So they also focus on the tourism industry. If you think these things are helpful to you. Then read our other blog posts.

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