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Indian punters will be able to have a great time on the portal of the renowned gambling operator 1win. Its compilation of amusements contains 6600+ games of various genres: from online slots to titles with real dealers. Users can also enjoy items from the Instant games category, in particular, JetX. This manual contains a large array of handy data about this entertainment. You will learn how to enjoy it and claim impressive winnings in just a few seconds! 

What is JetX? 

JetX is a representative of the insanely popular category of crash games, the start of the development of which was given by the release of the Aviator title from the Spribe provider. Such amusements are also called instant games. This means that you can get a win in them almost instantly because the stage lasts a max of a couple of tens of secs. 

The developer of the JetX game is supplier Smartsoft. It is played 24 hours a day, and an unlimited number of punters can take part in it. Each of them is playing against the system. The statistical block allows them to see the stakes of other users. 

Before the start of the session, you need to make one or two stakes, after which a jet will start taking off on a stylized chart. It flies from the lower left corner and moves diagonally to the right, leaving behind a curve of a multiplier that grows every second. The player has the opportunity to press the cashout icon at any time and withdraw the winnings. In this case, he or she will receive a prize calculated as the amount of the bet multiplied by the odds. If you do not have time to press the cashout icon, the jet will explode and you will lose. 

This is the essence of JetX — it’s easy to win, but the amount of winnings depends on the Random Number Generator (RNG), as well as the luck and endurance of the punter. 

Features of the JetX Game 

JetX belongs to the category of Instant games, and it has numerous crucial  characteristics and features that our Indian readers should be aware of: 

  • The title’s RTP is 97%, which is an excellent indicator for gambling entertainment;
  • Contrary to popular belief, the result of each round depends not only on luck, but also on the actions of the punter;
  • The title has an option to view previous sessions, as well as info about wagers made by other participants of the game;
  • Incredibly simple rules allow even rookies to adapt to the gameplay in just a couple of mins;
  • The game takes place 24 hours a day, so you can join it as a participant whenever you want;
  • Utilize the trial mode to immerse yourself in the gameplay as much as possible, hone the skills, and prepare for the cash game. 

Availability of Demo Mode 

One of the key advantages of JetX Game is the presence of a demo mode. It is accessible even to unauthorized punters of the 1win portal. If you are a rookie, then we will explain — the trial mode does not differ in gameplay and functionality from the paid version. The exception is that you won’t be able to win cash. But, the presence of these pluses makes the trial mode a fantastically handy option: 

  • You can study the game and its rules at a calm pace;
  • Hone your skills;
  • Train game strategies, say, Martingale, to enhance the chances of success and structure your actions;
  • Play as much as you want, no one limits you. 

After you are ready to play for cash, switch to the appropriate mode, and claim big winnings! 

How to Enjoy JetX for Cash? 

Before we tell you how to enjoy the JetX game on the 1win portal, you should know about some limitations. The brand adheres to the principles of Responsible Gaming. This means that minors are prohibited from utilizing its services on pain of blocking. Additionally, the private cabinets of a punter who owns two or more accounts will be blocked. 

If the restrictions do not affect you, then do this: 

  • Step 1. Proceed to the company’s website, and press the ‘Sign Up’ icon;
  • Step 2. Fill in the blank fields with personal and contact details, and pick a currency;
  • Step 3. Intent the passcode;
  • Step 4. Open banking options;
  • Step 5. Pick the payment gateway, and type the amount;
  • Step 6. Write the banking details, and approve the operation;
  • Step 7. After the funds are issued to the account, find JetX in the lobby and start the game;
  • Step 8. Make one or two stakes;
  • Step 9. Follow the flight of the jet, and cashout the winnings before it explodes! 

Please note that you can bet on the upcoming session during the flight of the jet, without waiting for the interval between gaming sessions. 

Hints for Enjoying JetX Online in India 

We want to pack you with knowledge if you want to increase the chances of success in the JetX game and avoid pitfalls faced by rookies: 

  • Tip 1. Start with small stakes to avoid a quick bankroll loss;
  • Tip 2. Don’t be too greedy — if you wait a long time for a large multiplier, you can lose;
  • Tip 3. If you decide to utilize a gaming strategy, say Martingale, stick to it from beginning to end;
  • Tip 4. Employ the auto cashout feature to automatically withdraw winnings when the multiplier reaches the set value;
  • Tip 5. Keep track of time, because the longer you play, the more likely you will start to lose concentration;
  • Tip 6. Control your emotions — JetX is a title not only for the lucky, but also for attentive and patient gamers. 

Jet X Game – Is It Accessible in India?

Yes, you can enjoy this title in paid and free mode on the portal of one of the dominant gambling brands in the Indian market — 1win.

What are the Max Odds in the JetX?

The max multiplier accessible in this title is 25,000X. Just imagine, one successful bet can instantly change your life for the better!

Can I Play JetX 1win Without Money?

Sure! You will be glad to know that JetX is one of the amusements in which you can utilize the trial mode. Study the gameplay, hone skills and practice game strategies as much as you want.

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