Zodiac signs in Malayalam – മലയാളത്തിലെ രാശിചിഹ്നങ്ങൾ

zodiac signs in malayalam meaning | Names of Zodiac Signs in Malayalam from English

Zodiac signs in malayalam, here you can find the malayalam name of all zodiac signs along with their english meanings and malayalam names. If you are not well acquainted with the malayalam language, then you will find this article very useful.

Zodiac signs in malayalam

Zodiac signs in malayalam

English Names of Zodiac Signs Malayalam Names of Zodiac Signs Pronunciation help
Aries മേടം Medam
Taurus ഇടവം Idavam
Gemini മിഥുനം Midhunam
Cancer കര്‍ക്കിടകം Karkkidakam
Leo ചിങ്ങം Chingam
Virgo കന്നി Kanni
Libra തുലാം Thulaam
Scorpio വൃശ്ചികം Vrushchikam
Sagittarius ധനു Dhanu
Capricorn മകരം Makaram
Aquarius കുംഭം Kumbham
Pisces മീനം Meenam

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