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Zinq ZQ-1133 Full-Size Wired Keyboard with 104 Keys, 3 LED Lights and 1.5m Cable (Black)

Price: ₹ 799.00 - ₹ 365.00
(as of Jun 24,2021 11:47:36 UTC – Details)

For those who are constantly heckling with multiple devices at all times, the Zinq ZQ-1133 is a lightweight keyboard which may look simple at first but in reality, is one of the most efficient typing companions that you’ll find. The full-sized keyboard with 104 keys has hotkeys that can help you perform special operations along with navigational control keys which help you in faster manoeuvrability. The Plug & Play device connects instantly to your laptops and personal computers. It has a 1.5 meter long cable which gives you ample space to work with the keyboard even if you’re at a good deal of distance away from the connected device. What makes it so special are two inherent factors which are the hallmarks of every Zinq keyboard durability. The durability factor comes from the fact that each key has a lifespan over 5 millions of keystrokes without being damaged or marred by any means. Speaking of keys, they are noiseless and hardly produce any sound. You can work with it for hours without bothering anyone sitting near you. With so many features, you might’ve realised how deft and valuable the ZQ-1133 is. So why bide time and not buy it right away?

Has LED lights for Num Lock, Caps Lock and Scroll Lock functions.
Ergonomic design with robust key durability which can survive for over 5 millions keystrokes without being damaged.
Extremely lightweight and can be easily carried around in your bag, or case anywhere you go.
Plug & Play connect enables the keyboard to instantly connect with your PC, laptop or any device with a USB port.
It has a 1.5 meter wired cable which provides plenty of space for the keyboard to adjust in your place of work.
The noiseless linear keys go all the way down when pressed without creating any sound. That way you can work continuously without creating any disturbance.

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