Who is the best relationship in the India?

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The Indian cricket team has remained the best in the world for a good number of years now. So what makes them so successful? Well, there are several factors but the most important one must be their coach Ravi Shastri! Here’s why he makes their relationship work!

10 Ways In Which Rishabh Pant Helps Rohit Sharma

Rishabh Pant and Rohit Sharma are Indian cricketers. Both of them have a good rapport with each other. There are many qualities of Rishabh Pant which help Rohit Sharma to play better cricket. Here we have listed out top 10 qualities about Rishabh Pant which helps Rohit Sharma to be at his best always.

4 Signs That He Is The Best Boyfriend

1. He won’t let you be with any other guys.

2. He loves spending time with you and wants to spend every moment of his life with you.

3. He will be very protective of you and will not let anyone do anything wrong to you.

4. Every time he meets your parents, he makes sure that they feel good about him too by behaving well in front of them.

5 Ways To Know Why Rohit Sharma Will Never Leave Rishabh Pant

Rohit Sharma has not just been important to Indian cricket but Rishabh Pant’s career as well. Rohit Sharma led Pant at Rising Pune Supergiant and gave him chances to bat at a higher level. This gave him an opportunity to learn from an experienced cricketer. Rohit was loved by his teammates because of his presence of mind on and off the field. He was very calm and never got over-hyped.

3 Reasons Why Rishabh Pant Is The Luckiest Boy In The World

There are many men out there who wish to be with their soulmate. However, not everyone gets their chance to find that person. It takes time, luck and effort to find your Mr. or Mrs. Right. Rishabh Pant is one lucky guy! Not only did he found his dream girl but also made her his forever. Here’s why Rishabh Pant is really lucky –

2 Things They Always Do For Each Other

They always have each other’s back, and they know what to do when one of them gets into a fight with another couple. They don’t gossip about other couples, and they never show disrespect to their friends’ partners. Relationship goals are important—and these tips on how to be a great partner make sure your lover will stick around for years to come.

4 Moments That Changed Their Relationship Forever

Natasha and Abhishek share a close bond despite their 20-year age difference. Our parents never had any objection to our relationship, said Natasha. They got married a year after they met. A fight that lasted all of ten minutes led to Abhishek knowing that his marriage was about to get more difficult than he’d ever expected: I knew I would always be her teacher and nothing else.

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