which is the best relationship in the world

Friendship Is The Best Relationship In The World

In other words, friendship is like oxygen. But School Life Friendship, College Life Friendship, University Life Friendship, Career Friends, and Family Friends are different. Again, the friendship between neighbors is different. There is a difference between the friendship of children with the youth and the friendship of children with the youth. There is no difference between a boy and a girl..!

In such a situation, will the friend always use good behavior? The fault you with everything? Will, there be a quarrel, only praise or will everyone be in a relationship?

Many people only expect compliments from friends..! They cannot accept any kind of lewd remarks. He thinks that a friend’s words smile, only words of praise will fall. Supporting unrighteousness will be helpful, even if it is a friend. When you stand in front of the mirror, the face of good and evil can be seen as a friend!

Friendship – Words that cannot be said to anyone, the shock of that secret can be safely opened in front of a friend. Friends are always teachers, and all mischief is companions. Friends mean unlimited fun and frolic. The sincerity of friendship is one of the richest things in life by expressing all kinds of humanity!

Your every single problem can be shared with friends with confidence. The one who always inspires you to move forward in the path of life..! The person who identified the friend’s kind apology. Helps to correct that mistake! Many flaws of a friend accept a smile!

Friendship does not matter, how much I have received from my other friend, but thinks how much I have given…! Friendship always awakens the feeling that, “friend” as you wish, I love you too. You don’t need to change. off course not …!

The one you know very well and love very much. Who is none of your family but less than him. That is friendship.

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