What episode did Joe Rogan have a fight on Fear Factor?

So far, Joe Rogan has immersed himself in multiple projects during his career. Along with being a UFC commentator, stand-up comedian, and the world’s most successful podcast host, Rogan also hosted Fear Factor.

Normally, Fear Factor contestants have to challenge each other with gross food and tough challenges. However, in a rather fiery incident that erupted in the 10th episode of the show’s 6th season, a contestant got into a physical altercation with Rogan.

During the episode, a contestant pushed a male contestant after an altercation. As the show’s host, Rogan decided to take matters into his own hands and said:

As soon as Joe Rogan told the woman, her husband decided to get in front of Rogan and started yelling at him. It sparked a physical altercation between the two and the UFC commentator grabbed the guy by the neck, put him in a clinch and the rest is history.

Watch Joe Rogan’s fight on Fear Factor below:

Joe Rogan describes the scariest Fear Factor stunt

Joe Rogan hosted more than 150 episodes of Fear Factor and met sketchy stunts. However, among the hundreds of stunts, there is one that stands out in Rogan’s mind.

In an episode of his podcast, The Joe Rogan Experience, Rogan opened up about the stunt that left a lasting impression on him. According to him, bull riding was the stunt that scared him the most, so much so that he personally told competitors not to do it.

Watch Joe Rogan talk bull riding below:

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