What Is The Travis Scott Burger? Price, Ingredients and More

Are you wondering, “What is the Travis Scott burger”? Here is everything you need to know about the Travis Scott meal, price, fan reactions and more.

Jacques Berman Webster aka Travis Scott is one of the most famous American singers. Recently, fast-food giant McDonald’s announced that a new food would be named after the rapper. Here’s everything you need to know about Travis Scott food.

Travis Scott Burger:

Are you wondering, “What is a Travis Scott Burger“? The Travis Scott Burger is a one-pound beef burger. The burger consists of 2 slices of melted cheese, ketchup, mustard, pickles, onions, and shredded lettuce. Travis Scott’s meals will include beef burgers, medium fries, and Sprites. In addition, customers will also find barbecue sauce for dipping. Are you wondering, “Will there be a Travis Scott toy at the meal”? Unfortunately, Travis Scott won’t toy in the food.

Fan reactions:

Ever since McDonald’s announced Travis Scott Burgers and Travis Scott Meals, many fans of the artist and the franchise have taken to social media to express their opinion about the same. While some have liked the idea of such a meal, some find it hilarious. You can check out some of the fans’ reactions here

Travis Scott Instagram:

American rapper Travis Scott is very active on Instagram. Apart from this, she also has a huge fan following on the photo-sharing platform. As of today, the rapper has around 32.5 million followers on Instagram. Travis actively promotes the new food on Instagram. You can see some of his posts here:

More about the Travis Scott meal:

Travis Scott Meals was announced on September 8, 2020. According to McDonald’s website, a Travis Scott meal will cost $6 USD. This food is found in Hawaii, Alaska and the U.S. regions will be offered to customers. According to a report by xxlmag.com, McDonald’s branches that will offer Travis Scott meals will provide Cactus Jack Crew shirts to their employees to promote this meal. Cactus Jack Records is a record label founded by Travis Scott himself. This record label has produced works by artists such as Travis Scott, Huncho Jack, Shaq Weiss, Don Tolliver and many more.

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