Toyshine Push and Shake Wobbling Bell Sounds Roly Poly Tumbler Doll (Multicolour)

Price: ₹ 899.00 - ₹ 449.00
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Product Description


Quick Details:
1. Style: Cute Tumbler Doll 3 Month Old Baby Toys
2. Material: ABS Plastic
3. Weight: 0.57 lb
4. Product Size: 3.54 x 3.54 x 4.33 in
5. Package Size: 5.91 x 3.94 x 7.48 in
6. Packing: Window Box
7. Age: 3 Month and Up
8. Battery: No Need


Made for Little Ones

Lovely Colors and Diverse Expressions- It has subdued colors, with a naive facial expressions, just like a cute baby.
Nodding doll is a good partner in the growth of the baby.Now buy the doll,you will get a lovelt gift-a cute little doll with long ears.
The design principle of the tumbler,accompanied by a crisp bell, soft and warm sound is not harsh,can effectively train your baby’s hearing.
Swinging Function- It is produced according to the design of principle of “daruma”, and is effective to attract baby to stretch hand to touch, even play with the funny toy.
Vivid nodding doll tumbler,A roly-poly toy, round-bottomed doll, tilting doll, tumbler or wobbly man is a toy that rights itself when pushed over.

Toy for 3 monthsToy for 3 months

Safe and Exciting

1)Non-toxic ABS material
2)With ringing sounds,music
3)Nodding head function, such a dorable toy!
4)Safe non-toxic, breaking proof, resistance to fall off
5)Learning balance and movement abilities, Develop sense of vision, Develop auditory
6)Nodding: Push the doll, let him nod, like in a friendly greeting.

Learning toyLearning toy


Shaking Function: Tumbler design, push and shake to enjoy great fun, attract baby to stretch out its hands to touch or do look up training.

Nod Function: Gently push the doll and it will nod, just like friendly greeting, encourage baby to stretch out its hand and touch continually.

Sweet Tones: Crisp and soft sounds to protect baby’s hearing, simulate their hearing development.

Preschool toyPreschool toy

Cute Tumbler Doll 3 Month Old Baby Toys

1. Visual Development: The colorful doll not only can stimulate baby’s visual development and help them identify various colors at early stage, but also is good for the development of baby’s visual sensitivity and ability to distinguish.
2. Hearing Development: Soft and crisp tones can guide baby to distinguish directions of the sound source. This can improve baby’s hearing sensitivity and stimulate baby’s hearing development.
3. Hand-eye Coordination Skill: Tumbler Doll can swing in different directions, which can train baby’s tracking ability, and improve its hand-eye coordination skills.
4. Body Balance Development: Cute Tumbler Doll will cause baby’s interest to play, extend sitting hours to exercise baby’s back, slowly help baby to master their body balance ability.
5. Gross Motor Development: Shaking Tumbler design can attract baby to stretch out its hands to touch or do look up training; gentle tones help baby to turn around or stand up to look for the sound source

This tumbler doll wobbles, nods it’s head and never falls when pushed gently. It makes soft and sweet sounds, making the baby curious and happy at the same time
Lures and excites the baby to touch and grab it. European standard – safe and durable
Soft and crisp tones can guide baby to distinguish directions of the sound source; Note: This is an assortment pack, so accessories and design may vary
Color: Multicolor; Included Items: 1 Tumbler Doll

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