Top 10 Virat Kohli Hairstyles

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Virat Kohli is not only the most loved Cricketer but is also an inspiration to many people for his style. His style is considered to be top-notch, and many people wish to adapt his style. His fans admire him for his Cricket skills and leadership skills.

Let us read about the best of Virat Kohli hairstyles:

1. Long Spikes

This hairstyle has always been famous among young people. Ever since Virat Kohli got hold of the spiked look, it has gained even more popularity. For maintaining this hairstyle, you must avoid using gel.

2. French Cop

Being an international-level Cricket player, he is also known for bringing international styles to our nation. This is one hairstyle for the ones with short hair on top. This one requires the least effort towards maintenance and is suitable for athletes.

3. Fade Of The Captain

This is a haircut with a short fade. It is known for giving the best baseline for any hair length maintained by men. Virat Kohli likes to be on top of the trends, and he chose this over spikes as his home hairstyle.

4. Short Comb Over Fade

This is considered one of the most famous hairstyles of Virat Kohli. It is one hairstyle that fits great for both parties and casuals. It also goes with the professional workspace setting.

5. Pompadour

This one involves long hair on the top and short hair from behind. This has been very famous among the youngsters and is considered to give a splendid and sophisticated look. It also gives a lot of volume to the hair.

6. Tousled One

It is one hairstyle that requires minimal effort and can be created by rubbing the hair using your palm only. It is a very chic look, categorized as casual but stylish.

7. Fringe Look

Fringes are considered to be adopted by women, but Virat Kohli carries it so well that it looks like it was meant for him only. He made this hairstyle famous, and many boys have gotten the idea of doing it from Virat Kohli.

8. Low Fade With A Line

This hairstyle got famous because of the special line that complements it. It was an uncommon hairstyle, and Virat Kohli got it into the game and made it famous among many boys.

9. Quiff

Virat Kohli is known for bringing different hairstyles into the game and inspiring others to get it done and carry it well. However, this hairstyle requires more effort than the others discussed above.

10. Tapered Fade Mohawk

This is one hairstyle that Virat Kohli got done when he was shooting for a certain brand. This hairstyle is long in the middle and short from the two sides and has gained a lot of fame.

The Bottom Line

Virat Kohli’s fans also do not like to leave one point about him. They are in total awe of the way he presents and carries himself. He is an inspiration to his fans in all ways and continues to charm them with his dashing looks.

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