The 5 Best Websites to Play Free Jigsaw Puzzles

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These websites let you play free jigsaw puzzles online, which is perfect when you’re bored and want to work on your gray matter.

Jigsaw has the dual ability to give you comfort while simultaneously taxing your gray matter. That’s why we have compiled a list of the best websites to play free jigsaw puzzles online.

Jigsaw is an age-old pastime that is still popular today. And there are traditional wooden puzzles that you buy in boxes and apps that run on your phone.

And then there are the popular jigsaw websites that predate apps. So, why not test your brain when you are bored by completing these jigsaw puzzles that you can play online.

1. Jigsaw Planet

Jigsaw Planet

Jigsaw Planet greets you with a more modern interface. You can play all the online puzzles you want without the clutter. You can also create your own puzzle by uploading a photo, setting the number of tiles and their size. Set the rotation to make it more difficult.

If placing the jigsaw pieces becomes too difficult, use the ghost image as a guide. You can also use an image outline, but this is more challenging. Use the settings to customize the playing area before starting the puzzle.

2. JigZone


JigZone does one thing that Jigsawbreak doesn’t. You can upload your own pictures, create a puzzle and send it to your friends. Otherwise, you can choose from any of the puzzles on the display. Choose a difficulty level from the 6-piece classic to the monumentally difficult 247-piece triangle.

There’s a daily puzzle here, a huge puzzle gallery with categorized puzzles to choose from, as well as the ability to send puzzle postcards to friends with your own picture or any other puzzle from the site.

3. Daily Jigsaw Puzzles

Daily Jigsaw Puzzles

This site is like the others on this list in all respects except one. It has a nice collection of mind-bending abstract puzzles. Take your pick from colorful circular motifs, patchwork patterns and even abstract paintings. These psychedelics are the hardest to put together.

All puzzles have six difficulty levels and you’ll do well to start with the easiest. You can also use a puzzle maker to design brain games to play with your friends.

4. Crazy4Jigsaws


This popular jigsaw puzzle site regularly offers a variety of puzzles. There are various categories in the puzzle gallery that you can choose from. You can choose a puzzle or use your uploaded picture and send it to someone as an e-card.

Get started with a free membership. Then, if you like the site, you can move on to the premium subscription plan which offers more puzzles, a full screen mode, more puzzle cutscenes, and other exclusive features.

Crazy4Jigsaws still uses Flash. But on the other hand, developers also offer polished apps for Android and iOS.

5. Just Jigsaw Puzzles

Just Jigsaw Puzzles

This jigsaw puzzle website is simple to look at, but it has many jigsaw puzzles in different categories. HTML5 jigsaw puzzles are created from licensed royalty-free images. You can also create your own puzzles by uploading a photo or choosing one from Pixabay.

When searching for puzzles, you can see popular topics and some suggested puzzles. For example, the Fine Arts category might teach you something about famous paintings as you try to put together a puzzle.

You can customize the jigsaw puzzles by changing the size, number of pieces, and size.

Play Free Jigsaw Puzzles Online to Relax

John Spilsbury, a London engraver and cartographer, is said to have been the first to puzzle a hardwood map out of a marquetry saw. This is much earlier in 1766. Since then, this simple game has done its job to keep us absorbed (and disappointed too).

A well-designed puzzle can stimulate lateral thinking in all of us. But the most valuable lesson it teaches is patience. Like all puzzles, jigs are brain exercises. And if you want to take a break from the notches and edges, try these puzzle games that you can play for free in your browser.

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