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Thanks to ‘coronavirus warriors’ across the world, there is some hope and light even in these dark, trying times. Although much of the world is under lockdown, it is people working in essential services and volunteers who have made sure everything is up and running, often putting their lives at risk. To express gratitude, Google has been honoring various businesses by displaying them on its homepage.

Thank You Coronavirus Helpers

“Like all of our doodles, we hope the series allows assistants everywhere to feel seen, heard and valued and that there will be a light at the end of what feels like a long tunnel for all to remember,” Jessica Yu, Doodle Team Lead, wrote in a blog post, wrapping up the two-week special Doodle Seer

See the animated doodle here:

All the animated doodles – ten in total – were designed in such a way that the “G” represents a community that sends its ‘love’ in the final letter which was designed to resemble a particular profession. Most of the pros were designed with masks in mind while practicing social distancing.

Thank You Coronavirus Helper

In particular, the animated series, in which the company claims it has developed a “real-time doodle series focusing on a single theme” for the first time in such a short period.

From cleaning workers to medical professionals, the tech company tried to honor all those without whom the world cannot function at this time.

Google CEO Sundar Pichai took to Twitter to announce the launch of the series starting April 6.

Doodle for scientific community and researchers, medical professionals

The series began with a doodle dedicated to public health workers and researchers from the scientific community. It then included emergency services personnel – the last two letters in its logo represented a firefighter and police personnel.

Thank you coronavirus helpers covid 19

Doodle for farmers, grocery store staff, food industry 

The tech company also honored people who are often sidelined or not given proper credit. Acknowledging the significant work done by all the detention and sanitation workers, the tech giant said that their “efforts are vital for those on the frontline and those at home.” People across the world appreciate sanitation workers for their services.

In the series, the company also honored those who made the practice of ‘Farm to Table’ possible during the global pandemic. From saluting the farmworkers and farmers who are working tirelessly to make sure there is enough food, for the store workers as well.

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Google also honed the distribution sector for ensuring that the supply chain remains functional. This also included food industry workers who, despite usually being closed to dine-in facilities, are currently focusing on delivery services.

Although educational institutions have been closed and most students have been forced to stay at home, many teachers have not been relieved of their duties as online classes continue across the world.

Thank You, Coronavirus Helpers

The doodle depicts a teacher wearing glasses, a blue mortarboard and a gown delivering a lecture via video conferencing. Whereas in the previous doodles of the series the service provider’s face was covered with a mask highlighting the importance of wearing one, the professor did not wear one indicating that he is at home.

In its blog post, the company stressed that it didn’t just have essential service workers on their minds when starting the chain, as it is inspired by all the individuals who have helped in their own small ways through acts of kindness.

“Beyond the efforts of essential workers, ‘help’ has become more than a concept, a wish or unusual action. Help has become a part of our daily lives.”

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