Telugu months names – తెలుగు నెలల పేర్లు

telugu months names in telugu | telugu months names in hindi

Hello, friends Welcome to the Newssow Latest Updates blog You must know the names of the English month but do you know the names of the Telugu months, In today’s article, we will give you a list of Telugu language Telugu months names, so that you can easily learn Telugu months.

Telugu months names

Telugu language students want to know about Telugu months names and dates in Telugu Calendar 2022. Here I am providing all the details about Telugu Months Names, Months Names in Telugu, and Telugu Months Dates in Telugu Calendar 2022 so it will be very helpful for students and tourists visiting Telangana State.

English Month Telugu Month Pronunciation
March/April చైత్రము Chaithramu
April/May వైశాఖము Vaisaakhamu
May/June జ్యేష్ఠము Jyeshtta
June/July ఆషాఢము Aashaadhamu
July/August శ్రావణము Sraavanamu
August/September భద్రపదము Bhaadhrapadamu
September/October ఆశ్వయుజము Aasveeyujamu
October/November కార్తికము Kaarthikamu
November/December మార్గశిరము Maargaseershamu
December/January పుష్యము Pushyamu
January/February మాఘము Maakhamu
February/March ఫాల్గుణము Phaalgunamu


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