5 Benefits of Shatterproof Glass for Hurricane-Prone Areas

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Very little or nothing can be done to stop hurricanes from happening in hurricane-prone areas. For example, the United States government committed significant human and financial resources to this course through its Stormfury program.

However, very little success was recorded. If you are interested in finding out more about the Stormfury program, you can visit:

This begs the question of what people in these areas can/should do to deal with storms of this magnitude and similar natural disasters. For one, such residents are strongly advised to use shatterproof glasses, also known as laminated glass. This is rather than conventional options. By the way, shatterproof glasses can be used for:

  • Windows
  • Doors
  • Glass Railings
  • Balustrades
  • Automobiles
  • Skylights
  • Display Cases
  • Storefronts
  • Sound Barriers
  • Interior Designs
  • Art Installations

Some of the reasons for this recommendation will be disclosed here. So, read on to find out more.

Shatterproof Glass: A Smart Choice for Hurricane-Prone Area

Shatterproof Glass: A Smart Choice for Hurricane-Prone Area

When choosing glasses for hurricane-prone areas like Florida, Texas, North Carolina, South Carolina, and the like; you must be deliberate about making the right choice. This is especially true given the weather and climatic peculiarities of these places.

It is for this reason that residents of these areas are strongly advised to opt for laminated glasses. Some of the reasons why this is usually a smarter choice for such places include the following:

1. Safety

These glasses have helped us realize that there is a huge difference between glass breaking and shattering. The reason is because they do not shatter even if they break.

This essentially explains one of the major ways that they keep people safe as you do not have to worry about coming in contact with shattered glass and being injured. For more clarity, there are any of three possible explanations for a glass shattering during a hurricane:

  • Sufficient impact caused by flying windborne debris
  • Direct wind impact
  • Indirect wind impact caused by air pressure differences

Fortunately, laminated glasses have structural and functional properties that ensure the pieces are firmly held together even if broken. By the way, it still takes a lot of impact to get them broken. So, you may not even have to worry about this.

One commonly asked question about them is why they remain intact even if broken. This is because they are held together by an interlayer, which could be EVA (ethylene-vinyl acetate) or PVB (polyvinyl butyral).

2. Security


It undoubtedly has a tough construction that allows it to do a great job withstanding nature’s forces. However, it can withstand more than just nature’s forces as intruders usually find it very hard or even impossible to bypass it. Once again, this is down to the strength of its interlayer, which could be EVA (ethylene-vinyl acetate) or PVB (polyvinyl butyral), as mentioned above.

Its high-level security feature means that people who have it installed can breathe a sigh of relief, knowing that lives and properties are secured. By the way, this is a benefit that is not only relevant for people in hurricane-prone areas, which is why people in other locations can make the most of it, as well.

3. Noise Reduction

Noise pollution can come from within, just as it can come from outside. Opting for this option can play a huge role in dealing with noise from outside and even within. It is just important that they are strategically positioned around the building to ensure that their sound-dampening properties are maximized.

By the way, noise does not only have to do with human activities. It could be the sound effects of heavy rainfall, for instance. This option can offer significant noise-reduction benefits, regardless.

4. UV Protection

It is one thing to opt for shatterproof glass and another to opt for the right kind. Choosing the right kind suggests one that offers enough benefits and protection from ultraviolet rays is one such benefit.

So, make sure to choose one that offers this benefit. This is important for several reasons including the following ones:

  • Avoiding the adverse health effects of ultraviolet rays – The negative impacts include damage to one’s eyes and skin
  • Preservation of your interior décor – Original textures, finishes, and colors of interior décor products can be protected from fading and other forms of deterioration
  • Enhance indoor comfort – The heat and glare from sunlight can be discomforting. This is especially true when there is abundant sunlight and where there are large windows
  • Environmental Sustainability – This is more guaranteed when there is little or no need to quickly replace interior décor products, leading to resource conservation. Furthermore, glasses that offer UV protection are usually more energy efficient and this also contributes to environmental sustainability

There are also cost-saving benefits. Fortunately, the next point does more justice to how shatterproof glasses can be very cost-effective.

5. Cost-Saving Benefits

Laminated glasses ordinarily cost more than conventional options. So, it is understandable when people question their status as being cost-effective. However, they are indeed very cost-effective, and here are some reasons why:

Reduced Maintenance Cost

They are not as prone to breakage as conventional alternatives are. Furthermore, you can still be at ease if there is a breakage situation, which rarely happens.

The reason is that it can easily be fixed since it does not shatter. Overall, there is a lot less maintenance work to do, which in turn means significantly reduced maintenance costs.

Reduced Replacement Cost

Its high resistance to breakage makes it very durable. As a result, you can rest assured that it will serve its purpose for a very long time.

Enhanced Safety

Medical expenses, legal fees, and liability claims are cost-related issues that may arise when glass-related accidents occur. Well, you would most likely not have to worry about these given that this glass significantly reduces the possibility of these happening.

Reduced Insurance Premium Payment

Insurance companies usually assess how much of a liability a client is. This information largely determines how much they demand for periodic insurance premium payments.

Against this backdrop, having this kind of glass installed makes you less of an insurance liability and insurers usually admit this. As a result, they should be willing to offer client-friendly terms and conditions for liability coverage.

Heightened Property Value

Installations such as these usually raise the value of properties that have them. As a result, such property owners can get top dollar for selling, leasing, and even renting out such properties. This goes to say that it can be considered an investment.

Protection of Interior Décor Features

Laminated glasses with UV protection features protect interior décor items from fading and giving in to some other forms of deterioration. As a result, these items can serve you for a longer period, meaning that you do not have to spend money replacing them sooner than they should be replaced.



Opting for laminated glass goes a long way in helping buildings deal with the impact of a hurricane and natural disasters of similar magnitude. However, there are other parts of a building that need to be beefed up, as well. For example, you have to invest in the right kind of roof.

Fortunately, some companies specialize in offering comprehensive services to this end. You can check out ParadiseExteriors for more on this subject. Overall, it is about increasing your chances of protecting lives and property during a hurricane and natural disasters of similar magnitude.

Furthermore, some of the benefits of opting for shatterproof glasses as seen above are not only relevant for people in hurricane-prone areas. In essence, people in other areas can also make the most of these installations.

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