Security Guide for Your Smart TV to Protect Yourself

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With microphones being part of your smart television, you might ask yourself many questions, “Are smart TVs safe?” If you have paid attention to such scandals in the past few years, you would probably assume that your smart TV is spying on you. But you may not know that big government cybercriminals and cartels carry out this activity. Manufacturers may also be responsible for all this because their customers use these devices unknowingly.

For a better experience and convenience for the consumer, TV manufacturers have introduced video conferencing and sound command features on smart TVs. But then, cameras, microphones, and internet access expose your privacy to other parties.

What Are the Smart TV Security Risks?

Customers, security experts, and some users have complained of smart TVs’ security issues and lack of privacy. For instance, according to the 2017 WikiLeaks release CIA had a document with harmful tools targeting many devices. One of them had the hacking intentions to listen to what was going on using a microphone in some smart TVs to listen to nearby unsuspecting customers without their consent.

The survey also found out that home Wi-Fi networks are unsafe because they expose private information, which shows that smart TVs are more vulnerable and Internet of Things (IoT) devices create more concerns among consumers. Looking at other risks, a home network that can be accessed easily gives room for an attacker to manipulate employers and their remote workers and access their sensitive information. Can TVs get viruses? Most people haven’t realized that smart TVs are vulnerable to different malware, just like smartphones.

Security and Privacy Tips for Smart TVs

Smart TVs are not necessarily a liability and are here to stay. But you should note that this device acts as a special connected computer, and it is essential to take care of and maintain it just like smartphones and laptops. We have listed down useful tips to help you and enlighten you on making your smart TV safe by taking the correct security TV measures.

1. Use a VPN

What services do VPNs offer? VPNs are easy to use and relatively affordable. Most of the time, you will be required to download TV app from a trusted VPN provider to your smart TV, and you are ready to go.

When using a VPN suitable for your smart TV, you can watch content on all streaming platforms even if they are restricted and watch them directly from your device. Using a proper VPN, like VeePN, you can browse at high speeds and avoid any slowdowns and buffering on your Smart TV. If you are wondering how to get VPN on smart TV, downloading it for smart TV is really easy. VPN apps do not collect any user data. Although most VPNs offer a 30-day free trial, you will be given a 30-day money-back guarantee. Having downloaded the reliable TV app, make it configured with your settings.

2. Turn off the Wi-Fi

If you disconnect your smart TV from the internet, you will limit its functionality — it just becomes a “dumb” TV — but it would protect your data from going beyond your home. Using it with a streaming dongle or box will make it susceptible to some risks but safer since you will have control over them or make them function the way you would like.

3. Review the privacy settings

 It is usually tempting to click on agree when making important data privacy policies. The way you would make these changes depends on your device; it would help consult customer care for further clarification. Consumer Reports offers this general advice: Configure factory settings in your device. Then when setting up your device, say yes to the most basic settings, privacy policies, and terms and conditions but never allow any data collection.

4. Keep software/firmware updated

Waiting for a device update is not easy, but you should let it make an automatic update when necessary, just like computers and smartphones. The CIA information exposed by WikiLeaks states that TVs which have not had an update are vulnerable to online attacks. According to Brian Krebs, a security expert, your smart TV can make automatic updates.

5. Cover the camera when not in use

If your smart TV comes with a built-in camera, you should remain vigilant and cover it when not in use. Even if you are confident that hackers would not compromise it, covering your camera protects you from accidentally exposing your living room.

6. Mind the microphone. 

Please turn off any voice recognition features on your smart TV unless you are using them. It would help if you would check the microphone privacy settings and reduce its functionality as much as possible.


Now that you have understood the risks and followed the necessary steps to make your Smart TV safer, you probably won’t get disappointed. But then, you should understand that hackers can attack you. Therefore, keeping your smart TV and other accompanying devices safe requires you to monitor all activities closely.

Ensure that you put these security measures into practice and regularly look into your privacy behaviors. Doing this would make your season lively and enable you to use all other accompanying devices safely.

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