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Ola Sold 60,000 Electric Scooter in a Day, 4 in Every Second: CEO Bhavish Aggarwal

Bhavish Aggarwal, the founder and CEO of Ola, took to Twitter on Thursday to share his company’s record-breaking sales of the Ola electric scooters. In his post, Aggarwal said that India was committing to electric vehicles (EVs) and that it was rejecting petrol. He said that since the company opened up the sales of the electric scooters, they have been selling at an alarmingly rapid pace, reaching a sales rate of around 4 scooters per second. September 16 is the last day of sales and purchases will close at midnight.

In the Tweet, Aggarwal said: “India is committing to EVs and rejecting petrol! We sold 4 scooters/sec at peak & sold scooters worth 600Cr+ in a day! Today is the last day, the purchase will shut at midnight. So lock in this introductory price and buy on the Ola app before we sell out!”

On the same tweet he replied saying, “At 600Cr, Ola sold more than the entire 2W industry put together yesterday!” For context, this reflects the sale of roughly 60,000 electric scooters.

In a separate blog post, Aggarwal said that over the last couple of months since the reservations had opened up, lakhs of people had booked the purchase of the Ola S1 and S1 Pro. Since the sales opened on September 15, the company managed to sell electric scooters worth Rs 600 crore in a span of 24 hours. According to Aggarwal, this is equivalent to what the entire 2W industry sells in a day. He further went on to say that these numbers were beyond his expectations. He then urged customers to go and make the most of the time left and book their scooters on the Ola app by locking in the introductory prices.

“This response is beyond our expectations and given our production plans in the coming months, today will be the last day for consumers to purchase their Ola S1 and S1 Pro scooters. Those who have already reserved can purchase until midnight tonight at which point, the purchase window will close. So I encourage you to book yours today and lock in this introductory price,” said Aggarwal.

Speaking about the extent to which EVs could potentially penetrate the Indian market, Aggarwal said, “Yesterday also established that with the right product, India has huge pent-up demand and a massive domestic market for two wheeler EVs. We must leverage this to drive innovation, a robust local EV ecosystem and make India not only a big EV market, but also a global EV manufacturing hub!

In addition to the sale of electric scooters, Ola is also planning on installing around 1 lakh charging stations across 400 cities in India. This will include the installation of hyper-charging stations, which will be installed in major metro cities. Ola gave its customers the room to choose financing options as well as colour preferences online before they finalise the booking ahead of the delivery, which was set to begin in October.

The scooter can be purchased only on the Ola App, with a booking option that of Rs 499. There was also an advance payment of Rs 20,000 that had to be done. In terms of pricing for the scooter itself, in most states, the pricing was Rs 99,999 for the Ola S1 and Rs 129,999 for the Ola S1 Pro. In other states such as Delhi, Gujarat, Maharashtra and Rajasthan, the prices vary.

Price Difference for Specific States:

Delhi Rs 85,099 for Ola S1 / Rs 110,149 for Ola S1 Pro

Gujarat Rs 79,999 for Ola S1 / Rs 1,09,999 for Ola S1 Pro

Maharashtra Rs 94,999 for Ola S1 / Rs 124,999 for Ola S1 Pro

Rajasthan Rs 89,968 for Ola S1 / Rs 119,138 for Ola S1 Pro

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