MRUD Fishing Toys Game for Kids Boys and Girls Ages, Go Go Fish Catching Game 3, 4, 5 Years Old

Price: ₹ 1,699.00 - ₹ 849.00
(as of Dec 05,2021 07:16:47 UTC – Details)

MRUD Presents Fish Catching Game Toy For Kids, Musical Rotating Fish Catching Game With 4 Rods Toy For Kids. 24 fish and 4 fishing rod in the pool with their mouths randomly open and close With Music it helps kid to improve kid’s motor skills, creativity and logical thinking ability, eye-hand coordination. A rotating fishing pool with music, It can accommodate fish pockets to help your baby develop good habits. It upgrade fishing rod, flexible and easy to fish and more durable, increase fish mouth and make it easier to catch. Updated version of a well-known and well-loved fishing game that parents remember when they were kids! This classic kids game teaches hand-eye coordination. Players use mini fishing poles to try to catch the most fish while the game base spins fast. While the fish board spin, the fish also open and close their mouth. For starters, start with magnetic smaller fish. Then take your fishing skill to next level by catching non-magnetic bigger fish! This fishing disc will rotate 360 degrees, the fish will jump up and down happily, children need to concentrate on catching fish, in the process of children’s games, not only can exercise the child’s hand-eye coordination ability, but also exercise the child’s patience and accompanying the child to have a fun time to play.

MATERIAL SAFETY: This fishing toy is made of safe and high quality plastic. The whole fishing plate has no sharp edges. It has no effect on children. You can rest assured that children can play. We recommend this fishing toy. Children play, or let parents play with them. Suitable for Multiple Player Games: Our fishing toy is equipped with four fishing rods for 1-4 people. Children can play each other and increase their friendly relationship.
Catch the most fish with fishing rods from rotating fishpond! The fish open and close their mouth while the fishing board spins. Practice fishing skills with this classic fishing game!
You just need to install the battery, put the fish in the corresponding position, and turn on the switch to let your cute children hold the toy fishing rod. When the fish mouth opens, put the fishing rod into the fish mouth and catch them. It is very suitable for children to play.
24 fish and 4 fishing rod in the pool with their mouths randomly open and close

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