How much paneer from 1 litre milk

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The amount of cheese that can be made from 1 liter of milk depends on multi factors such as the fat content of milk and the recipe used.

However, as a general rule, you can expect to make around 200-250 grams of paneer from 1 liter of full-fat milk. If you’re using low-fat or skimmed milk, the yield may be less.

To make cheese, heat milk until it boils, then add an acidic agent such as lemon juice or vinegar to curdle the milk. Strain the curdled milk in a muslin cloth and press it to remove excess water. The result is solid cheese.

Which Is The Best Milk For Making Paneer, Cow Or Buffalo?

Both cow and buffalo milk can be used to make cheese, and the type of milk you choose will affect the texture and flavor of the cheese.

Cow milk generally has a lower fat content than buffalo milk, which can result in a softer and milder flavored cheese. In addition, cow’s milk is more widely available and generally less expensive than buffalo milk.

On the other hand, buffalo milk has a higher fat content, which can result in a firmer and creamier cheese with a more nutty flavor. However, buffalo milk is generally less available and more expensive than cow’s milk.

Check out this easy-to-read chart that can help you estimate the ideal milk-to-paneer ratio

Quantity  of MilkApproximate Paneer Yield (Cow  Milk)Approximate Paneer Yield  (Buffalo Milk)
0.5  liter100-125  grams75-100  grams
1  liter200-250  grams150-200  grams
2  liters400-500  grams300-400  grams
3  liters600-750  grams450-600  grams
4  liters800-1000  grams600-800  grams
5  liters1-1.25  kilograms750  grams – 1 kilogram
6  liters1.2-1.5  kilograms900  grams – 1.2 kilograms
7  liters1.4-1.75  kilograms1.05-1.4  kilograms
8  liters1.6-2  kilograms1.2-1.6  kilograms
9  liters1.8-2.25  kilograms1.35-1.8  kilograms
10  liters2-2.5  kilograms1.5-2  kilograms
11  liters2.2-2.75  kilograms1.65-2.2  kilograms
12  liters2.4-3  kilograms1.8-2.4  kilograms
13  liters2.6-3.25  kilograms1.95-2.6  kilograms
14  liters2.8-3.5  kilograms2.1-2.8  kilograms
15  liters3-3.75  kilograms2.25-3  kilograms
20  liters4-5  kilograms3-4  kilograms
25  liters5-6.25  kilograms3.75-5  kilograms
30  liters6-7.5  kilograms4.5-6  kilograms
35  liters7-8.75  kilograms5.25-7  kilograms
40  liters8-10  kilograms6-8  kilograms
45  liters9-11.25  kilograms6.75-9  kilograms
50 liters10-12.5  kilograms7.5-10 kilograms
paneer yield per litre milk

How to make paneer step by step

Here is a step-by-step guide on how to make paneer at home:

  • Pour the milk into a large pot and bring it to a boil over medium heat.
  • Once the milk comes to a boil, turn off the heat and slowly add the lemon juice or vinegar while stirring continuously.
milk required for 1 kg paneer
  • You will see that the milk has started curdling and the whey has started separating from the curds.
  • Line a strainer with cheesecloth and set it over a large bowl to collect the whey.
  • Put the curdled milk in a sieve, so that the whey comes out.
  • Wash the curd under cool water to remove any traces of lemon juice or vinegar.
  • Gather the cheesecloth together and squeeze out any excess whey.
  • Tie the cheesecloth in a knot and lay it on a flat surface.
1 litre milk how much paneer
  • Place a heavy object, such as a pan or weights, on top of the cheesecloth to press down on the cheese.
  • Leave the paneer to set and cool for at least 1-2 hours.
  • After the cheese has solidified, remove it from the cheesecloth and cut it into desired shapes or sizes.
  • Your Homemade Paneer is now ready to use in your favorite recipe.

Note: You can balance the amount of lemon juice or vinegar used based on the type of milk and desired texture of the paneer

How much paneer from 500 ml milk

From 500ml of cow’s milk, you can expect to get around 100-125g of paneer. With buffalo milk, you can expect a yield of around 75-100 grams of paneer. Please note that yield can vary depending on the fat content of the milk and the method used.

How much paneer from 1-liter buffalo milk

From 1 liter of buffalo milk, you can expect to get around 150-200 grams of paneer. Please note that yield can vary depending on the fat content of the milk and the method used.

How much milk is required for 1 kg of paneer

The amount of milk needed to make 1 kg of cheese depends on the yield percentage, which can vary depending on factors such as the fat content of the milk and the recipe used.

However, as a rough estimate, it usually takes around 4-5 liters of cow milk or 3-4 liters of buffalo milk to make 1 kg of paneer. Please note that this is a rough estimate and the actual yield may vary depending on the above factors.

Can I eat 200 gm paneer daily?

Also, one should not eat too much cheese. It can cause bloating and upset stomach. A maximum of 150-200 grams of paneer is enough for the body in a day.

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