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A new trailer for Lucifer Season 6 gives us our first glimpse of Adam, the latest biblical figure to arrive in Los Angeles. The fan-favorite Netflix series Lucifer will go streamer Friday. The dreamer who had escaped death for years confirmed that it was over last year. Season 6 will be Lucifer’s final season with a very emotional ending. This season, which was a huge success, saw the arrival of God (Dennis Hesbert), and a change of jobs for Lucifer (Tom Ellis) as he took over as ruler of Heaven.

Release Date Lucifer Season 6 date

Lucifer season six will be a little different. With Satan as the new god, there’s already an adjustment period guaranteed to happen for Alice’s smooth-talking nightclub owner. Lucifer will see many of the original cast return, as well as some fan favorites. Showrunners to the series also suggested that there might be a fun mystery character, but he may have just been revealed in the latest teaser.

The official Lucifer social media accounts confirmed that Adam, the Adam and Eve star, would appear in Season 6. This was revealed at the end of a video Lucifer dedicated to Lucifer’s friend and physician, Dr. Linda Martin (Rachel Harms). It looks like Linda is helping Adam get over someone. “A general rule of thumb is that there is one month per year you were together,” she explains. Linda then finds out who she is talking to when he asks Linda what “a million monthly” would mean. The video is available below.

The trailer suggests that Adam (in Lucifer Season 6) is still learning from Eve’s breakup. Eve has made a good move and is now in a new relationship with Mazikan (Leslie Ann Brandt). A recent Lucifer Season 6 (लूसिफ़ेर सीजन 6) video suggested that Eve and Maze are having problems with their relationship. The coming of Adam probably won’t help. Lucifer has so far portrayed Adam in a humorous tone. It will be interesting to see how Adam copes with the rest.


Adam is the latest biblical character to appear in Lucifer. Last season introduced the aforementioned god as well as Lucifer’s twin brother, Michael. Season 6 is the last season of the show, so it’s time to catch up on those Lucifers you just missed. Beyond the introduction of Adam, the final season will include an animated episode and a new angel interested in taking Lucifer’s job to Hell. So the last 10 episodes of Lucifer have a lot going on.

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Lucifer and Chloe

Lucifer said, “I love you,” and he slipped the immortality ring onto Chloe’s wedding finger last season. In the midst of their newfound commitment, Ellis promised that the final season would let the pair spend a little more romantic time together.

“There’s a lot of Deckerstars in Season 6,” Ellis told Entertainment Tonight in May. “Our Deckerstar story has some twists and turns, like there always is, but no, Lucifer and Chloe are very much together in Season 6. So Deckerstar lives on.”

Credit: John P. Fleenor/Netflix

Amenadiel and Linda

While Amenadial is training to enforce the law, Linda (Rachel Harris) turns to be God’s physician, which may be even more difficult than advising Satan.

Credit: John P. Fleenor/Netflix

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