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Julia Rose Net Worth

Julia Rose Net Worth: Julia Rose is an American model and social media personality who has a net worth of $3 million (Approx). She is an Instagram star who gained widespread fame after flaunting her breasts in the World Series. She is also the founder of online publication Shagmag.

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Julia Rose was born in 1994 in Texas where she graduated from high school and then attended Texas State University.

She first gained some fame in 2016, she appeared on the MTV reality TV series Are You the One? Season 4, which was filmed in Maui. He worked at Hooters in Austin and Los Angeles before landing the show. She met her reality co-star Stephen McHugh on the show and began dating. They eventually broke up but it is reported that Stephen is a co-founder or, at least one investor, in Shagmag. Here he is pictured at an event in 2016 in 2016:

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Julia gained widespread notoriety when she flashed Houston Astros pitcher Gerrit Cole alongside models Lauren Summer and Kayla Lauren in Game 5 of the 2019 World Series. The act was caught by live TV cameras and was therefore broadcast to millions of home viewers. He was thrown out of the ballpark after taking action. In the wake of the controversy, she and two of her teammates received life bans from all Major League Baseball games, even after Julia claimed that the act was to raise funds for breast cancer. She has been in public controversy several times through stunts, mostly to promote her brand. She once rode a roller coaster topless in full view of the children and other park guests.

Shagmag is a somewhat fiery online magazine featuring sports stories and very attractive Instagram models. It costs $15 per month. The magazine reportedly generates over $125,000 per month in subscription fees.

Julia Rose was featured in the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue in 2018. She was a finalist in the magazine’s 2018 Open Casting Call for “Next Big Star.” He made it to the Round of Six.

He once worked as a bartender at Hooters. As of the time of this writing, Julia has nearly 5 million followers on Instagram and 600,000 on Twitter. The Shagmag YouTube account has about 300,000 subscribers. She is romantically linked to Jake Paul.

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