how to turn off wifi calling : What is WiFi Calling in Android Device

how to turn off wifi calling in androd & Ios

What is WiFi Calling

WiFi calling is a feature that has been pushed forward by major network companies to bring an alternative that no longer uses the call service. Just by using one’s internet connection and device compatibility, one can make direct WiFi calling from mobile number to anyone around him/her.

Instead of using any application that allows you to do WiFi calling, customers can now make their calls directly and connect to the next cellular connection, and there’s no need to find APN settings for WiFi calling.

WiFi calling is supported in entire latest device that comes with smartphone features, thus if you get this WiFi calling and want to stop it, you need to disable it manually from the settings options.

How to Turn Off WiFi Calling in Android Device

If you’re using an Android device, the options for disabling WiFi calling features are quite different. The setting is fairly easy, and you can switch back to enable it anytime from the same setting options.

  • Switch on your Android device > Click on the Settings icon from the menu
  • Now click on Network and then click on SIM card settings option
  • Once the settings are open, click on the SIM card for which to disable WiFi calling
  • Now scroll down and go to WiFi Calling option in the same setting page
  • Click to disable WiFi calling and then save it with the confirm button
  • That is, WiFi calling has been disabled on the Android device and can be turned back on anytime using the same option to enable it. Once WiFi calling is disabled, your option will be saved, and your number will not receive any calling service.

How to Turn Off WiFi Calling in iOS Device

It is already known that for iOS devices which can be iPhone or iPad or MacBook, the setting option is very different from regular Android devices. Here is an option to change to disable your WiFi calling feature, through which you can stop receiving calls from WiFi calling.

  • Open your iPhone and then go to the Settings option from the menu bar
  • Now scroll down > Click on Cellular
  • Find Wi-Fi Calling Feature
  • You can either check this option from the Calls menu bar under Settings
  • Click on the Green button and let it turn off to disable it for WiFi Calling
  • That is, WiFi calling is now disabled on your iOS device and your device will not receive any further calls, plus the same settings need to be followed for each device that works with the iOS operating system.
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Is WiFi Calling a Cost Paid Feature?

As per the current update, WiFi calling is free with no extra amount involved and customers who want to do WiFi calling must have an internet connection via WiFi or mobile data, so that your number is visible to receive WiFi calling . .

Does WiFi Calling Require Mobile Compatibility?

Yes, this feature depends on the mobile software. Only devices with the latest version of Android or iOS have the option of WiFi calling feature. Without the configuration the devices will not be able to use the same feature and thus will not be able to receive WiFi calling.

Does wifi calling consume more battery than mobile?

WiFi Calling is a common application that has been brought into the device to enable WiFi calling without using any external application. Due to inbuilt feature there is not much pressure on the device and very less RAM is being used which does not drain your mobile battery.


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