How to Fix “Ublock Origin Not Blocking Youtube Ads”?

ublock origin not blocking youtube ads | ublock origin youtube ads

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UBlock Origin is one of the most popular ad-blocking extensions to hit the Chrome Web Store in recent years. The developer has since tweaked its core extension into several different versions, including uBlock Origin and uBlock AdBlocker Ultimate, both of which are available on the Chrome Web Store, while uBlock Origin remains the original.

Update all Filters

Make sure your adblocking extensions are updated. This is especially important for your adblocker extension, which is often not behind issues like this. It’s also a good idea to update any other add-ons you may be using, as they can interfere with the blocking of YouTube ads. Lastly, make sure that there is no malware or virus on your computer; Even if they aren’t interfering with blocking ads on YouTube, they can still cause problems with other parts of your system and with your Internet connection.

Unpause Ublock

The YouTube ads you see are not just to generate revenue for YouTube. They also provide a service of sorts, namely that they can alert viewers when new videos arrive. If you use uBlock or AdBlock Plus and don’t want to disable adblocking on YouTube completely, you can easily stop both browser extensions while watching videos. With some browsers, such as Google Chrome, you can even configure your extension so that it stops automatically whenever you open a new tab or window.

Reinstall Ublock

If your Ublock isn’t working as expected, try reinstalling it. uBlock Origin is an open-source ad-blocking add-on for Chrome, Firefox, and Safari. As developers fix bugs and introduce new features, the extension gets updated frequently. Older versions may not work properly with YouTube so reinstall to see if that fixes your problem.

Clear Cache and Cookies

Make sure your browser’s cache is cleared. If you’re using a browser like Google Chrome, this means clicking its Settings icon, clicking History, and under Clear browsing data, click Clear browsing data. If you’re using Safari, it’s even easier: Just tap Settings and tap Clear History and website data. This will ensure that your web traffic is not being tracked. (Tip via Lifehacker.)


While using Google Chrome and uBlock Native, you might face an issue where all your YouTube ads are still showing. This is a fairly widespread problem, which unfortunately doesn’t have an easy solution like most other issues in Chrome. Luckily, there are a few things you can try to get YouTube ads back up and running. While these tips may not work for everyone, they can help many users who have run into similar problems. Hopefully, now you know how to fix Ublock origins not blocking Youtube ads!

Why does uBlock Origin not work anymore?

Your browser’s cache may have accumulated too many unnecessary files over time, which prevent uBlock from working properly. Sometimes, when uBlock Origin stops blocking ads, all you need to do is clear your browser’s cookies and cache.

Why is uBlock Origin not blocking all ads?

Here you need to uninstall the app or extension from your device, then reinstall it and check if the error is resolved where you can no longer see ads.

Does uBlock no longer block YouTube ads?

Yes. I tried it and I noticed that it blocked the YouTube ads that I saw when I didn’t use it. So you can use it to block all types of ads including Youtube Ads.

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