What is the First Computer Virus in the Philippines?

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Today we will discuss the origin of a virus that is not for humans,  that is for computers. So today we know about the first computer virus in the Philippines. We discuss briefly all about the virus, how it attacks, and what the different states of the computer are when the virus attacks the computer. So get ready to know all things about the first virus so deep down to it now.

What is the first computer virus in the Philippines? 

ILOVEYOU is the first virus Computer Virus in the Philippines which was created by a Filipino programmer in 2000, the ILOVEYOU worm is considered the first Filipino virus. The programmer will add the virus to another device with the help of a love letter with an email attachment. 

what is the first computer virus in the philippines

This worm caused significant damage to devices so it caused financial losses worldwide. There is no anti-virus Software to get down the ILOVEYOU virus. Send a message with a love email attachment so people are curious to open the email when they open the virus will enter the system and damage the system also data will be broken in the system.

What did the ILOVEYOU virus do?

The ILOVEYOU virus, released in the market in 2000, will have a high impact on computers worldwide, so an estimated $15 billion in damages are happening in the systems. The First time it entered the software this caused crashes, data loss, and system instability. Also, Images, documents, and other types of files were affected by the time they were automatically deleted or hidden. That also additional data loss happens in different companies.

They send an attractive email subject line ILOVEYOU. Then its attachment name LOVE-LETTER-FOR-YOU.TXT tricks users into opening it. One can open the email and the work is done and the virus will enter into the system. The ILOVEYOU virus creates the importance of cybersecurity awareness and responsible companies will encrypt their data.

Who started the ILOVEYOU virus?

Only one individual programmer is responsible for creating the ILOVEYOU virus. De Guzman, was a 24 year old student living in Manila, Philippines, at the time of the virus release in 2000. When the police team investigates for the virus creator they find De Guzman. Then they arrest the boy and ask him where is the team that helps you to develop the dangerous virus but De Guzman says that he is alone in making the virus. 

first virus in the philippines computer

The reason he gives that is heart-touching is that he has financial limitations. If he is unable to afford regular internet access, he will start to steal other users passwords to gain free access to the internet. So after the case is run the court will give justice for the great children.

Is the ILOVEYOU Virus Still Active?

At the current time in 2024, the ILOVEYOU virus will not be active. The virus mainly exploits older versions of Microsoft Outlook and Windows operating systems like Windows 9x, Windows NT 4.0, and Windows 2000. These systems are no longer used today, and modern security systems easily catch the virus and do not support coming into the device.

Modern antivirus software detects and removes the ILOVEYOU virus along with countless other viruses. At the current time, any risk is not present of the ILOVEYOU virus but it will seriously damage software and machines. 


So we think you will understand all the concepts of the ILOVEYOU virus. We know that how it is 24 year old boy will create this type of virus and make the internet world shift to another era. How companies are looking at cybersecurity awareness. So thanks for reading,

1st Computer Virus in the Philippines?

ILOVEYOU is the First Computer Virus in the Philippines.

Who started the ILOVEYOU virus?

Let’s conclude our story with a brief summary of the fate of the creator of the ILOVEYOU Internet worm. Onel de Guzman was a 24-year-old student when the pandemic broke out.

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