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New Delhi: Neha Bhasin is the latest contestant who got evicted from the Bigg Boss OTT house. The singer who is popularly known for the song Bajre Da Sitta has been garnering all the love and praises from all the corners of the world. While talking exclusively to Zee News Digital, she opened up on her bond with fellow contestant Divya Agarwal, connection with Pratik Sehajpal and the trolling her family went through during her stint in the show. 

Did you expect that you’ll be not a part of the top 5 finalists? 

Initially, it was a bit painful for sure. The first 24 hours were difficult as I was surprised and shocked at the same time. I was not ready for the eviction and so when I came out my mood was off as I wanted to spend some more time with my friends. The trophy was also important for me but yes wanted to be with them and participate in the grand finale. Now, will be going in a different manner. Rest, if the audience has decided this for me, so I am satisfied. 


What was your husband’s reaction on your eviction? 

My husband was fine with everything, it was just my inner soul which was scared a little bit. Infact my husband was extremely supportive throughout my journey. He was watching the show all the time because of me. 

You were quite close to Pratik and also talked about the repercussions in the outside world. Did you face any of it? 


Well, my mother was upset with me initially saying people have been talking so much about you but she was fine and also appreciated my game. She was upset with the toxicity in the house. Talking about my husband, he is all fine, was a little shocked in the beginning as he was not expecting me to get eliminated from the house. But I really want to tell you that it has been done by former contestants’ fans who have been instigated and so they are trolling my family till date. My mother, brother and husband have been trolled badly and that has affected them a lot. And also feel that targeting someone is not right and more awareness is needed in this regard. 

Who do you want to see as the winner? 

Well, if you really ask me, I want Pratik to win the trophy. Because he really wants it and also because I feel that just like he has been misunderstood a lot and so I want him to win the trophy. He couldn’t win the Ace of Space and so that’s my decision. Apart from him, I want Shamita Shetty to win the show. 

Post your eviction, what kind of response you are getting from your fans?

I am glad that people loved me so much. I never expected such kind of response. I just wanted to have my journey in Bigg Boss house and in between that I was showered with so much love and so I’m grateful to everyone. 

Your fight with Divya Agarwal became the talk-of-the-town. Do you think it was her strategy to bring you down? 

Yes, I think it was. Also to weaken me as she knew this thing (undergarment context) that it was affecting me and there were very few things that actually affected me during my stint in the show and so this was one of those. I would have cried but it was difficult to break me and so this was the thing which they kept on repeating on the show and so it was affecting me. And now I’m making a comment which I know is very big but is true that at the beginning of my career, people like Divya have played with my mind and brought me on the verge of depression and brought suicidal tendency in me. I’m sorry to her family for saying this but this is what she is doing and not only to me but many other contestants on the show. 


Post the show, if given chance do you want to be part of Bigg Boss 15? 

See, I could think about it. Now I think I can do it. Firstly, I used to think, it won’t be possible for me but now I’m fine with it. How am I going to carry it? Making new friends, I am extremely scared of all this as it gets very toxic but now I think I can do it and so if given chance I’ll definitely think about it.


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