LED Neon Lights for Kids: How to Enhance Your Kids’ Rooms

LED neon lights aren’t just for adults. Kids can also appreciate how cool the signs will look in their space. A neon light would be a fantastic birthday present or reward for good grades. If you’re considering a neon sign for your kid’s room, however, you might be overwhelmed by all the options. To help, we’ve compiled a list of tips to help you select a neon sign for your children. 

Monograms: Custom Neon Lights

Of course, the easiest option is to get a custom neon light spelling out your kid’s name. Hanging it over their bed or near their door would be a fantastic twist on classic name signs. Since these would be custom orders, you could also get it in your child’s favorite color or to match the decor in their room.

If you’re looking for something smaller, you could also get neon lights displaying their initials.

Indulge Their Interests

Does your kid enjoy video games? Robotics? Animals? Indulge their interests by choosing a design that aligns with them. You could get a sign which references their favorite video game, their favorite sport, favorite movie, or other hobbies. 

Not only will this help your kids better appreciate their new sign, but it will also make them happy to know you understand their interests. 

Keep it Simple, Keep it Cute

For younger children, it’s a good idea to keep things simple and cute. Since LED neon lights have such a long lifespan, you can count on them lasting years. You’ll want to select something that lasts through your child’s evolving interests and tastes as they grow up. 

A simple cloud, for example, can fit into various styles and design concepts. As your child’s room changes, their neon light will still fit in. This way they’ll love their LED neon sign for its whole lifespan. 

Consider Their Age

If you’re shopping for a teen, you should look for something very different than if you were shopping for a preschooler. The same applies to decor. While you might want an LED neon sign that young kids can grow into, you don’t want something immature for a teen. You can either get something age-appropriate or age-neutral.

Consider Custom

If you can find something that suits your child’s exact tastes, you might want to consider ordering a custom design. This way, you can be sure you’re catering to your child’s room style. If your kids are older, you can ask them to help you design their sign.

Let Them Choose

If you aren’t trying to surprise them, it might help to consult even the youngest children. If they have the ability to talk, they have the ability to express their opinions. For the younger kids, show them pictures of the LED neon signs you’re considering. If you simply ask them “Do you like this?” then it’ll help you better figure out which one to get your children.

If you’re trying to choose something for your older kids, then consider browsing neon signs alongside them. They’ll appreciate you consulting them and enjoy their neon sign even more. 

Once you’ve committed to the idea of buying neon lights for your children, all that’s left is to find the right LED neon sign for your kids. Make sure you find a trusted, high-quality LED neon lights maker. That way—whether you’re buying something custom or premade—you know you’re getting a big bang for your buck. To find the right LED neon lights for your kids’ rooms, click here to visit Echo Neon and browse their selection of neon signs for kids.

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