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Diwali, the festival of lights is indeed the most awaited and most celebrated festival of India. People in every nook and corner of the country welcome the festival with enthusiasm. This wonderful festival is a celebration of five days. On the third day of the festive occasion, the major rituals of the Diwali festival take place. Lighting diyas and candles around the house, worshiping Lakshmi Ganesha to invoke health and wealth, and bursting of firecrackers are the main rituals of the festival.

Moreover, these days the exchange of hearty gifts has become an essential part of the festivities during Diwali. Friends, family and colleagues share Diwali gifts with each other to show love and affection. Apart from this, the special and sumptuous feast with delicious food which essentially includes a variety of sweets is the special highlight of the occasion.

24 October ( Monday ) Diwali 2022 

Deepawali 2022 Wishes Quotes In English

The most favorite festival, Diwali is here! From lights, delicious sweets and gifts, this festival is full of happiness. This is also the time to remember your loved ones. Celebrate with your close ones and wish them with the most meaningful quotes.

  • Another year will be over,
    another year will come.
    I hope and pray that the
    lights of Diwali illuminate
    the new chapter of your life.
    Happy Diwali!
  • May your life be as colorful,
    magnificent, shimmering and
    magical as the lights from the
    lamps of Diwali! Happy Diwali!
  • May this Diwali, you be blessed
    with Good fortune, Wealth, Prosperity
    and Happiness. Wish you and your
    family a very Happy Diwali.
  • Happiness is in air It’s Diwali everywhere
    Let’s show some love and care
    And wish everyone out there Happy Diwali!
  • Diwali diyaan lakh lakh vadayian hon
    sare desh vasiyan nu.
    Rab sab diyan murada nu pura kare.


Diwali Gift Ideas

Diwali Gift idea

Diwali signifies showing gratitude to the almighty for the blessings of wealth and knowledge. It is time to illuminate every soul on earth with the light of love and affection. Indulge in a memorable celebration of the festival with your loved ones and exchange beautiful gifts as a token of love. Though selecting gifts for loved ones requires a lot of brainstorming and head-scratching and even after buying a gift, people still have doubts whether they have chosen the right gift or not. If you too are going through the same ‘dilemma’, just check out the following bright Diwali gift ideas and find yourself in a haze of useful tips and creative ideas. You can also avail the same day delivery gift option online to get your gifts delivered.

Handy Tips for Diwali Gifts Selection:

  • People are always welcome to receive gifts and when it comes from their loved ones, it increases their happiness level. So exercise all your creativity skills while selecting gifts for your loved ones on Diwali. Likes, dislikes, age and many such other factors should be taken into utmost consideration while selecting the present.
  • Diwali gifts should be wrapped with your feelings and emotions and should be a mirage of your warm feelings towards the person. A gift that is artistic and useful at the same time is appreciated on the occasion of Diwali.
  • This mantra holds its own truth even in the context of Diwali gifts, ‘Distance cannot break relationships’. So break down all physical barriers and don’t make distance an ‘excuse’ to reach your loved ones with beautiful gifts. There are many online and offline delivery services available that share the warmth of the festival with the people you rea
  • If you are giving corporate Diwali gifts then more care should be taken in locating the most effective gift. The gift should be such that matches the vision of the company and therefore must be of excellent quality.
  • Diwali festival marks the beginning of new year in India so don’t settle with old gift items. The markets are full of highly trendy and stylish gift items and you just need to find out the best item among them.

Ideal Diwali Gifts Ideas:

Sweets:- No festive season is complete without the taste of delicious Gulab Jamun, Soan Papdi, Rasgulla, Barfi. The perfect treat for all gourmets, if you are not able to decide on anything else you can offer dessert.


Dry Fruits:- People like to take dry fruits on Diwali. The advantage with dried fruits is that they can be stored for a long time, plus you don’t have to worry about the individual’s distinctive taste in terms of sweets. Dried fruits are enjoyed a lot during the winter season approaching Diwali.

dry fruits

Diwali Gift Hampers:- Amazingly designed attractive Diwali gift hampers are the bright choice to enjoy the joyful celebrations. You can make your own or go for ready made hampers, which include chocolates, Lord Ganesha idol, diyas, dry fruits etc.

diwali gift hampers

Silver Gifts:- Silver gifts are the traditional gifts for the occasion of Diwali. These are available in huge variety and trendy designs during Diwali festival. Lakshmi – Ganesha Apart from silver coins, crockery items and small silver showpieces are quite popular as Diwali gifts.

silver gifts

Decorative Pieces:- Home decor pieces are something that people cannot buy for themselves but love to receive as gifts. Diwali is a time for new beginnings, so decorate the space of your closed people with the charisma of wall hangings, wooden sculptures, metal lanterns etc.

decorative pieces

Diamond Gifts:- Bejewel the moments of Diwali festival with the gift of luxurious, elegant diamonds, amalgamation of aesthetic beauty and style. Diamond studded pendants, necklaces, rings, are intricately designed to sparkle the festive occasion.

diamond gifts

Diwali Laxmi Ganesh Gifts:- Present the beautifully crafted Laxmi Ganesh gift and wish the almighty powers shower your love and affection on all your closed ones. Elaborately crafted Lakshmi Ganesh Brass Temple with white metal sculptures are here to make a divine presence.

diwali lakshmi ganesh gifts

Other Popular Diwali Gifts:- Household gifts such as gadgets, porcelain as well as apparel, paintings, firecrackers, candles, books also enjoy great useful value. As the festival gets associated with rich traditional values, various puja items like puja thali, diyas, gifts of gold, office stationery are also gaining immense popularity.

popular diwali gifts

Easy Rangoli Design for Diwali

There is no better way to decorate your home during Diwali than by making beautiful Rangoli around the house. And, that’s why we are here to provide you the easiest yet most attractive Diwali Rangoli Designs that will mesmerize anyone and everyone.

There are different variations of Rangoli that can be made like funny rangoli, leaf shaped, Ganesh shaped, rangoli with some message, peacock shaped rangoli and many more. People can see any of these Rangoli designs and can make it in their homes as per their requirement.

Here are some of those really attractive and adorable Rangoli designs that will grab anyone’s attention. Hang it before the day of Diwali and decorate your office or home with it on Diwali.

1. Rangoli Design With Lord Ganesha

Ganesh Pattern Rangoli Design is probably the easiest one and does not require anyone to do virtually anything. All they have to do is make Ganesha with color and a big circle. It is one of the best for beginners. Instead of being easily made, they also look shiny and beautiful.

Rangoli Design with lord ganesha

2. Peacock-shaped Rangoli Design

It is fun again to design this Rangoli which is not only easy to make but also looks attractively beautiful and delicate. You can try this peacock shaped Rangoli design at your home or in your office and win the hearts of the people around you.

Peacock Rangoli Design

3. Round Peacock Rangoli

People think that it is very difficult to be expert in making ragoli but it is not so!! All you have to do is put in a little bit of your creativity. Although this round rangoli in the shape of a peacock looks difficult to make but it is quite easy to make. All you have to do is learn to draw the shape and then you can easily fill in the colors inside.

Round Peacock Rangoli

4. Peacock-shaped Rangoli Design With Drum

This beautiful and unique design of peacock with dhol and tabla will brighten up and embellish the aura of your home. It looks so beautiful and beautiful!!

Peacock Shaped Rangoli Design

5. Rangoli Design With Flowers

Use beautiful and fragrant flowers to make Rangoli during Diwali!! It will not only enhance the beauty of your home but will also add fragrance to the air of the whole house. It is easy to make yet it is beautiful to look at.

Rangoli Design with Flowers

6. Diwali Rangoli With Flowers And Diyas

Diyas and lights are the most attractive thing of Diwali and hence it is great to make Rangoli with flowers and diyas. The best thing about this Rangoli design is that it can be made very easily. Rose and marigold flowers are the best options to make these Rangoli.

Rangoli with Flowers and Diyas

7. Theme Base Rangoli Or Rangoli With Some Social Message

You can use Diwali to give some social message like cancer or any other message. You can use bright colors to give a lasting effect.

Theme Base Rangoli

8. Funny Rangoli Design

You can create some light atmosphere around your home!! Don’t miss any chance to laugh and give something special to your life. This can be an unconventional way to create fun in your Diwali celebrations.

Funny Rangoli Design

Best Diwali Gift for 2022

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