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National Children's Day in India in 2021 | children's day speech in English

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Children’s day India is celebrated all over India to raise awareness about the rights, care, and education of children. It is celebrated every year on 14 November as a tribute to the birthday of India’s first Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru. goes. Known as Chacha Nehru among children, Nehru advocated all-around education for children which would build a better society in the future. Nehru considered children as the real strength of a nation and the foundation of society. On this day many educational and motivational programs for children are organized all over India.

children's day india in India in 2021
Children’s day is an annual event celebrated on November 14 to mark the birth anniversary of India’s first Prime Minister Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru. Pandit Nehru was born on this day in 1889 and this year, the country will celebrate its 131th birth anniversary.

Children’s Day is celebrated in India in 1956. Pt. before his death. Jawaharlal Nehru, India celebrated Children’s Day on 20 November (a day observed by the United Nations as Universal Children’s Day). After the death of Jawaharlal Nehru, his birth anniversary was chosen to be celebrated as Children’s Day in India. A resolution was passed in the Parliament to bid farewell to the first Prime Minister of India.

Nehru and Children

Jawaharlal Nehru had great hope and faith in the children of India because they could “play together without any differences”. He founded the Children’s Film Society India in 1955 so that Indian children could see themselves represented. He enabled the establishment of some very prominent educational institutions in India. It was his vision that led to the establishment of AIIMS for medicine, IIT for engineering, and IIM for management studies. Nehru’s legacy continues to educate India’s children. “Today’s children will build tomorrow’s India. The way we bring them up will decide the future of the country,” he said. This philosophy is expressed in his letters to Indira Gandhi. , his daughter, when she was a little girl.

Letters were also published in the form of books. Letters from a Father to His Daughter (1929) and Glimpses of World History (1934) have gained prominence as children’s non-fiction, as Deepa Agarwal writes, “Any child can be seen by their warm, affectionate tone and their candid And the effortless style can respond. The wealth of information woven into them and their unique approach to historical facts is a bonus. communicating humanistic values”. Children have a lot of fun activities to do on this day, from a great morning assembly to a dance party. Children are the center of attraction during this day and many schools organize a party on this day to make the children feel special.

Who called Nehru ‘Chachaj’?

There is no documentary reason to call Nehru ‘Chachaji’. However, it is said that his love for children was a major reason behind coining the term. Another popular version is that Nehru was very close to Mahatma Gandhi, whom he considered his elder brother. While Gandhi was known as ‘Bapu’, Nehru came to be known as ‘Chachaji’.

What are the rights of a child?

According to the Constitution of India, the rights of children include:

  • Right to be protected from the economic necessity to enter occupations unsuited to their age or strength
  • Right to equal opportunities and facilities to develop in a healthy manner
  • Right to freedom and dignity and guaranteed protection of childhood and youth against exploitation
  • Right to free and compulsory elementary education for all children in the 6-14 year age group
  • Right to be protected from any hazardous employment
  • Right to early childhood care and education
  • Right to be protected from abuse’

Is Children’s Day a holiday

Children’s Day is not a gazetted holiday. On the contrary, schools organize various events like competitions, music, and dance performances to celebrate this day.

Children’s Day celebration across the world

Children’s Day was started in 1857 by Reverend Dr. Charles Leonard in Chelsea, USA. Even though Children’s Day is celebrated globally by most of the countries of the world on 1st June, Universal Children’s Day occurs annually on 20th November.

Dates of National Children’s Day

  • 2024 Monday, November 14thNational Children’s Day
  • 2023 Sunday, November 14thNational Children’s Day
  • 2022 Monday, November 14thNational Children’s Day
  • 2021 Sunday, November 14thNational Children’s Day

Children’s Day Speech ( children’s day speech in English ):

Respected Principal, teachers, and my dear friends,

Today we have gathered here to celebrate Children’s Day, which marks the birth anniversary of Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru, the first Prime Minister of independent India. Pandit Nehru, born on November 14, was extremely popular among children and was affectionately called Chacha Nehru.

He was a prominent leader and a great freedom fighter, who fought hard for the independence of India and was sworn in as the first Prime Minister of the country in 1947. He served as the Prime Minister of the country for more than 16 years. India a world leader.

During his rule, he advocated compulsory education for children and was very vocal about their rights. He believed in the ideology that children are the future of the nation and hence it is important to raise and educate them properly.

Children’s day is not just about giving gifts to children and organizing events for them. It is a day to realize their importance in nation-building and provide them an opportunity to open their wings and fly high to achieve their goals.

He always said that every country has to provide quality education to its children and ensure that they have good health. Every country should empower its young mind because they are the future generation and the development of the country depends on them.

Pandit Nehru once said that “the children of today will build the India of tomorrow. The way they nurture them will decide the future of the country.”

Therefore, on this Children’s Day, let us pledge to ensure that every child of this country gets equal rights, security, and quality education.

With this, I end my talk. Thank you all, and I wish you all a very Happy Children’s Day!

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