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Aliah is the most beautiful girl you will ever see. It’s really fun to hang out with him. She is also really funny and will make you smile anytime. She is also so kind and pure-hearted, she will never hurt anyone. He is one of the smartest people you will ever meet. If you ever meet an Aaliyah, don’t lose your reason, you will regret it. She’ll be better off if she enters your life and she’s genuine and really supportive, you can always count on her. Plus she makes best friends.

Origin of Aliah

Aliyah is a variant of the Arabic name Aaliyah, which is also of Hebrew origin.

Name Aliah
Religion Muslim
Gender Girl
Meaning The name of Arabic origin means ‘sublime’,’Exalted’.
Description The name is directly mentioned in the verses 69:19 and 88:8 of the Holy Quran.

Numerology details of name Aliah

Numerology Number 4
Destiny Number 4
Inner Dream Number 2
Soul Urge Number
(Heart’s Desire or Motivation Number)
Personality Number 2

Popular Serch Interest worldwide

Personality details of name Aliah

Ruling Planet Uranus

Positive Nature Thinks critically and practically
Negative Traits Difficult to control your temper
Lucky Colours Light orange, grey, dark blue and khaki
Lucky Days Monday and Sunday
Lucky Stones Light Blue Sapphire, Gomed
Harmony Numbers 1,2,7
Problematic Numbers 8 and 4
Best Suited Professions Lawyers, and electricians
Health Issues Frequent episodes of cough and cold
What people would generally like about you? Have an impressive management capacity
What people would generally dislike about you? Narrow minded and sticks to their own views.

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