6 ways how these 8 ball pool Paytm cash apps can make your living better

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8 Ball Pool is a very popular game over online gaming platforms. Today, there are plenty of apps available on the internet that let you play this game with other real players and earn money on every win. Some of these apps, like GetMega, even allow you to transfer the winning money to their 8 ball pool Paytm cash apps so they can use it for their expenses. But to ensure that you win this game, you should know some of the ways that make you outstanding. Following are 6 ways that will help you to emerge victorious in the games.

Choose your tables wisely

If you are new to the 8 Ball Pool, don’t choose the tables with higher entry fees. This is simply because as a new player, you wouldn’t have any experience and there are chances that you will end up on the losing side. Instead, select the tables that require low entry fees because even if you lose, at least you’ll lose only a little amount of money. Of course, the winnings in a low entry table are relatively lower than higher tables, but you can wait to go to higher tables because this is your learning period. Once you become good at handling the cue, that means you are ready to play at high-stakes tables. 

Know the fouls in the game

Here are some of the fouls that you must be aware of so you can avoid committing them:

Potting the 8 ball

  • Potting the 8 ball before you pocket all of your balls.
  • Potting the 8 ball in any other pocket instead of the one which you have chosen. 

If you commit any of these two fouls, it will result in a win for the opponent.

Fouls related to ‘ball in hand’ of the opponent

  • If you run out of time that you have given to play your shot, then the shot will be passed to your opponent. Moreover, your opponent will also have the ball in his hand and he can place it anywhere on the table as he wants. 
  • If your cue hits the opponent’s ball then your opponent will have the ball in his hand.
  • If the cue ball does not hit your ball then the opponent can place the cue ball anywhere he likes.
  • The cue ball or the object must have touched the rail around the sides or edge of the table.
  • If you are playing a game at a higher table, then spotting the ball in any other pocket than the chosen one would send the cue ball in the opponent’s hand.

Shoot faster

It would be very bad if you have lined and loaded the shot and when you are about to hit it, your time to play the shot is up. It happens in the game of 8 Ball Pool more than you think. It requires a great amount of concentration to imagine the trajectory of the cue ball that we forget to look at how much time is remaining to play the shot. To line up shots quickly, tap the cue from its tip and drag it in the circular motion. In this way, you will be able to move the cue quickly and set it in the direction from where you want to hit it. After lining it up in the right direction, you can move the cue by taping it from the middle, because then it will move slowly and you will be able to place it accurately in the line where you want to shoot it. 

Extend your aim

When you set your cue in the line of shot, it shows a trajectory where the cue ball is going to go after hitting your ball. But the trajectory line that it shows is very small. To be saying more precisely, it only shows the direction of the cue ball where it is going to go. So to trace its path more accurately, you can use a little cheat. Draw a line on a piece of paper and place it in the line of the cue ball’s trajectory. After this, you will be able to anticipate more accurately. But remember to do it quickly because time is still running. 

Create/join a club

Joining a club or creating your club is also a great way to indulge in regular gaming and improve your skills. In a club, you get to meet with other people with whom you can play again and again and see their tactics. You can also chat with other players and ask questions to them or share your ideas.

Use the spin feature

Cue spin is an effective feature in the 8 Ball Pool that lets you position the cue ball after you hit it. It is hard to master but very beneficial once you get hold of it. Here is how you can spin the cue ball:

Front spin: Select the cue ball and position the marker on the top of the cue ball just by touching it. It will add a topspin effect to the cue ball and it will move in the forward direction even after hitting the coloured ball.

Backspin: In the backspin, you have to select the bottom part of the ball. Once you hit the coloured ball with the cue ball, the cue ball will come backwards.

Sidespin: If you touch at the 3 o’clock position on the cue ball, it will take a curved path towards the right side. Or, if you touch at the 9 o’clock position, then it will take a curved path towards the left side.

There are plenty of online gaming platforms available on the internet where you can play 8 Ball Pool and win real money that you can even transfer to your Paytm cash app. But among all of them, the hottest one is GetMega. GetMega offers a great online gaming platform where you can play 8 Ball Pool games and win real money. Along with 8 Ball Pool, GetMega also provides plenty of other games from various categories. Cards, Trivia, Strategy and puzzles are some of the categories picked by most of the players. Rummy, 123, GK, Carrom and Ludo are some of the most popular games on GetMega. It is a safe and secure platform where only verified profiles are available. 

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